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Thread: Deathlessness

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kibric View Post
    if you get good at it, you can do it all day while you can do other things
    This still doesn't make the day longer than 24 hours

    You just squeeze more into the given frame...

    About the "Black Sun" - you can search the forums, I thinks there's quite a bit here on the topic. The symbolism associated with it is known in East and West alike. The National Socialist movement (as well as other movements and organizations) took a lot from both Eastern and Western occultism. Where do you think the Swastika (a Black Sun symbol) originated from?

    And "Vril" is just another name among many other names, for basically the same "thing". See THIS.

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    total suicide and death of all your bodies: physical, astral, ether, etc
    As I see it, this 'total suicide' (of the bodies) is eventually required (or it may also happen by itself, as per Cyliani), but it is only a portal/gateway to 'something' else entirely. It does not mean "dissolution into nothing" or anything of the sort. And there is no 'nothing', anyway... Even if we negate EVERYTHING, the last thing we negate is negation itself

    Also, the 'total suicide' concept is a bit tricky IMO, because one can only kill what can be killed (i.e. things that have a beginning and therefore, an end). Only bodies can be "suicided", no matter how rarefied they are. The Self, however, is immune to time.

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    thank you OP for the thread.

    I'm also very familiar with Vallalar, but please don't forget that Vallalar stressed on the fact you have to Love ALL living beings even plants with great compassion and feeling great empathy.

    It is also required an obsession for the Divine Grace to Pour in, one has to think about God CONSTANTLY.

    But also Vallalar had other minor practices like the ones you are mentioning, I'm yet to translate and decipher his 28 books and poems so that I can have a birdview of his philosophy.

    To the skeptics, yes the doctrine of Vallalar is the only way known to achieve pure immortality and perfect health, even the philosopher stone ( if it exists) gives an impure immortality

    We are talking about a saint that recently existed, his followers noticed Vallalar casted no distinct shadow, left no footprints, could not be photographed etc. He also dematerialized and no records of his death are available because he indeed disappeared and no body was ever found.

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    I could not pm OP because message was too long. So I shall put it here. Please forgive the intrusion. I appear sporadically and always post similar things. Thank you for the tolerance.

    Please reply to my email. [email deleted: posting personal information in a post is not allowed]

    I visit this website only on occasion.

    You made a post about Jeeva samadhi. Baptism by fire. This is the same method employed by Naropa of the buddhist tradition.

    Sri Swami Sivananda once spoke of the method you speak on in a book no longer in print. Siddha vedam moksha soothram. One of the few sources I found while seeking the paths existence in the world.

    My understanding of Jeeva samadhi is it is in essence simply the profound upwards flow of vitality. You speak of the eyes I would say almost too much.
    Samadhi can be had be simply withdrawing the senses onto a point of attention.
    One can leave the body by working with the blood vessals of the throat and thus having *kundalini* go upwards in trance. The intense buzzy force.

    However. Jeeva samadhi is much much more. To make the Jeeva go up. The rejuvenating fire you speak of turns the skin solid red when intense. When done properly natural celibacy is had * sexual desire vanishes*. Only when a person has no sexual desire, are you ready to have sexual stimulation in order to multiply vitality. The method I speak of is no doubt the quick and furious path. You must master cultivation in order to employ this method. Because sexuality is in opposition to rejuvenation, even though it is also the source of its fuel. Jeeva samadhi is simply samadhi reached due to an overflow of upwards vitality.

    I speak authoritatively only because of first hand experience. An multiple recreations of it, however with lower intensity. I have a lot of experience on this subject. Yet I am no master of it. I have spent many years studying, practicing and reverse engineering the body and mind relationship.

    Kundalini is easy. Samadhi is easy.
    tai chi is easy. releasing the subtle tension from the nervous system easy.
    All easily taught and accomplished with a bit of consistency. Avishkara, diety yoga, easy. All of these take nothing but consistency and correct method.

    Rejuvenation of the body is the same. In one month, with consistency, you should be able to rejuvenate the body once or three times. My issue is correct method. For the method I accidentally employed was swift and unyielding in its force.
    I did it naturally once at 8 years old. Many years later I would take to self education. 2 years later at 17 I rejuvenated the body 3 out of 5 attempts. Full fledged body redness. Caught on fire XD
    The first time was like becoming brand new. Like having the vitality of a child. The other 2 times went well beyond that.
    It IS semi permanent as you should know. Sexuality and immortality are intimately connected and oppositional forced. Rejuvenation happens when the upward flowing Jeeva overcomes sexuality. The red body of fire.

    I have reproduced my results weakly about once a year for the last 12 years. Faulty methods. The human body, mind and heart have hundreds of variations. They can be manipulated in so many ways and I started with only a goal known. Ah yes. My experience was done purposely however it was done without knowledge. I simply was following intuition. I have dedicated my life to this. An admittedly my zeal has lessoned. I no longer practice and seek every waking moment of my life. However I vowed to figure it out or die trying. It is the single most important piece of human knowledge. It has always existed and always will as long as we live.

    Correctly known 2 hours of practice a day would be sufficient to rejuvenate the body once a month or more.

    At 17 I learned what was called decarbonization of the blood and oxygenating the cells. It was mentioned once by sivananda and once by parmahansa yogananda.
    It is the breath of the moon. It in truth is simple. It medically is known as controlled hyperventilation. It is nothing more than lowering co2 levels of the blood which in turn hyper stimulates the nervous system making the entire body feel like it is buzzing due to rapid nerve fireing.
    This however is not the fire.
    Heat and vaso dilation are exactly opposite to it.
    I do believe I have a good lead currently. I have no attempted to test my current hypothesis in full as of yet.
    The Valsalva maneuver as it is known medically.
    I play the duduk. Trumpet players also experience it. Partial Valsalva maneuver happens when you exhalation is partially obstructed. It causes thoracic pressure which stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system. It causes vaso dialation. Often heat and redness of the face, chest, abdomen etc. Playing the reed flute for a period of time causes this. Trumpet players often experience a fully red face due to this.
    In memory and due to that I am working on reverse engineering my experiences this seems like a valid and possible lead. When I first did breathing, to create the vibrations I did very forceful breathing. My exhalations were a partial Valsalva maneuver simply because with intensity the amount of air I was exhaling caused this pressure. However I full Valsalva is when you retain the breath while still exerting an exhaling force. Which is what I did right before an explosion of heat leading to rejuvenation.
    I did of course practice this without sexual stimulation for a month before hand which lead to a cessation of all lust. Where previously I was hyper sexual. Going from hyper sexual to zero lust is a bit of a switch up.

    This is simply the path of the breath. Path of the body. Technically this path can be taken via the heart ( emotional method) as well as the path of mind (samadhi). However the mental path has the weakest effect on the body. The path of the heart has second weakest effect on the body. The path of body has strongest and is direct effect on the body. All 3 done together is the strongest. It is technically one path, however it was split into 3 because as one is lost all that remains is the others. Truly this path can turn a sinner into a saint instantly. However a saint by such methods is not good nor bad. He simply is blameless for he is free from himself and all things.
    I share this because if I do not change my ways I will surely die without victory. An this is truly the only way this current age will re enter a golden age. It is not new, nor old. It always was, an is simply lost. Like forgetting how to eat food. Like a child not knowing what sex is and never being taught. It always exists. Always has. It simply is recessive. Me experiencing at 8 gave me the ability to merge my mind will anything at will constantly. For me, If I simply keep awareness of this fact, I slowly enter different states of samadhi. Samadhi is 3 fold. One is of withdrawing the senses unto the mind. That one pointed attention. One is Jeeva samadhi. The states brought on via the vitality flowing upwards into the mind and beyond. The third I have only experienced using my ability to merge my mind with things. When the mind truly merges with the heart the Jeeva also enters the heart. In this moment the mind completely stops. You are unable to think even if you try. However you are completely content, without desire, for you know exactly who you are. You are literally one with yourself. It is a feedback loop created by the mind entering into itself. It is like grasping the string of life with your mind and riding it. To enter into your soul and reside their you merge with it and are it and you realize that's all their actually is.
    Takes 3 weeks to a month of awareness for me to do that. An happens through me merging my mind with the feeling of trance, for all trance is of the heart.

    Anyway! it has been a good night. An I simply wished to share unrestricted. I care not for hierarchal policy as we were once all children. An immortality indeed returns you directly to this fact.
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    Formerly known as Avaar186.

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    As for shiny eyes. Ill take this two fold. For one if the eyes truly shine it means that you are literally seeing the world brighter. Yes, the world looks brighter. Like being high. It may indeed be a slight constant dilation of the pupils. However you truly do see more light after rejuvenation.

    On another note, I can project my spirit through my eyes. I call it sparkly eyes technique * a joke off the movie (the men who stare at goats)*. When I a women looks at a man with infatuation her eyes will do this, it is as if they sparkle.
    I can do this at will. However serial killers are also known to do the same thing. It is simply a projection of self through the eyes, and is colored by intent, will, emotions, mind, etc.
    I use it to flirt constantly. People are drawn to those whos eyes sparkle. However it is not just about flirting. For it is a projection of spirit that instantly colors your own mind. For it is the color of self that you are projecting. Scientifically it is simply a slight almost imperceptible widening of the eye lids. When a cat marks its prey and zeros in it does the same thing. The wild look in a creatures eyes is the same thing. It is simply the spirit projecting through the eyes. Like I said, those in love and infatuated with each other do it without notice. I have a dear friend who does it constantly and doesn't even know it. She doesn't know why she attracts so many people. That is why. I can control it, an can thus attract who I want. It works on all creatures.
    Formerly known as Avaar186.

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    Avatar, your posts are always a joy to read. Thank you for taking the time to share. Much appreciated!

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    There is so much going on here it will be difficult to address. Lets just say difficult.

    I don't agree with all the mystic language and the "divine knowledge" "divine truth" the only way to learn is from MY Master.

    Lol I talked with my teacher and he said this concerning the topic of Siddhars and "rainbow body" or "red body"

    "Understand but does that mean they are still with the body or did we miss the internal meaning and that you can keep the body liken to the clouds but we are of the sky so freedom to come and go between both worlds is ours to use any time we want; therefore we became the master of our self and the world. They may get gifts of unbound and more but who is giving the gift and when we know its just a gift thisw kind of enlightenment they have ; who is the master. Better we become the master and then>>>>> we can do what we wish with full freedom. Is it a mummy? I don't know.
    I always wondered what will happen if we open the window and blew some pot smoke in there would he get stone I mean just asking LMAO"

    As you can see even my teacher is full of bullshit sometimes and talks the same way as all the other "masters" lol I'm kidding

    But lets be real and try not to make cult leaders, lets not pretend that we are the authority on these subjects regardless of whatever kind of anecdotal, experiential or "gnostic" knowledge you may have obtained along the way. I figured the goal of these forums was to be transparent, I am sitting at a computer sharing the nature of my Bodhisattva instruction from when I lived like a hermit. I no longer live like a hermit but I still continue to practice in a "laymens" attitude. Sharing and "kickstarting" others along the path is my intention. I do not want to blow smoke, couch in hidden language, or mislead any one regarding spiritual practices or methods for attaining altered states of consciousness.

    When I shared previously one of my favorite meditation techniques I don't like bragging and I don't like humble bragging either so I try to just say it like "Hey I wanted to share something cool."
    Instead of "This is the divine method of

    Trāṭaka (Sanskrit n. त्राटक trāṭaka, tratak, trataka: "to look, or to gaze") is a method of meditation that involves staring at a single point such as a small object, black dot or candle flame. It is said to bring energy to the "third eye" (ājňā chakra) and promote various psychic abilities.[1]

    By fixing the gaze the restless mind too comes to a halt.[2] It is said also that control of the ciliary (blink) reflex stimulates the pineal gland,[3] which Kundalini Yoga identify with the third eye. Trāṭaka is said to enhance the ability to concentrate. It increases the power of memory and bring the mind in a state of awareness, attention and focus.[4]

    The practitioner may fix attention on a symbol or yantra, such as the Om symbol, a black dot, the image of some deity or guru, a flame, a mirror or any point, and stare at it. A candle should be three to four feet (1 metre plus) away, the flame level with the eyes. Relax but keep the spine erect and remain wakeful and vigilant.[4] The eyes begin to water. Some authorities recommend that the eyes should then be closed and the yogi concentrate on the after image, while others persevere with staring for 30–40 minutes.

    This is something my teacher would say is basic "101" keep it simple stupid. But he (Rama) then goes on to say this when I asked " Why do Yogi's soul travel or leave the body?"

    "It was important to learn that the mother our Earth has lay lines and each one is for reasons and energy transportation - but for this to work one has to learn to ground the energy.. To meditate on the channeling one will as time comes and it will happen fast you will be put in front of a door which will open by your energy which is the key able to be in the world dimension to other dimensions with this world.

    When one learns to travel then you will know that you can enter into other body's by taking over the body but here is the problem when you do that - you push out of the body the spirit which is already there. When you do this then we are taking the level of the dark art not good. Our enlighten ones from the upper planets came to Earth and have done this type of styles. Look at the history of our past they mess up. Not ready spiritually yet they are doing this... not good." Rama

    I don't want to pick a fight with the people posting here, but its hard to speak with you on equal footing or to enter into a discussion about something unless there is an understanding that telling the truth and being trustworthy more importantly is the focus.

    I value your input and I have a great deal more to add regarding the subject of Siddhars, cultivation of energy (qi), transmutation of the vital force (semen) and many of the associated breathing techniques and meditation methods used to obtain any and all of the mental and spiritual states mentioned in the ancient literature. You don't have to fly to India and stare at a Guru, we have facetime,Skype,Googlechat etc.

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    They may get gifts of unbound and more but who is giving the gift and when we know its just a gift thisw kind of enlightenment they have ; who is the master
    Siddhi's develop parallel to consciousness. They're not gifts you can give. They are side effects from an expanded awareness.
    There are no masters, everyone is still and will always be a student. This is an infinite existence.
    " Once you were me and one day i will become you ".

    When one learns to travel then you will know that you can enter into other body's by taking over the body but here is the problem when you do that - you push out of the body the spirit which is already there. When you do this then we are taking the level of the dark art not good. Our enlighten ones from the upper planets came to Earth and have done this type of styles. Look at the history of our past they mess up. Not ready spiritually yet they are doing this... not good." Rama
    This is Prakasysm. If done correctly no other consciousness is pushed out. Bodies can be shared or given up to other parties.
    Even dead ones. Hop Hop to their graves.

    This is something my teacher would say is basic "101" keep it simple stupid.
    Trataka methods involve a lot more than what was generally taught to westerners. Its a whole yoga by itself.

    That beautiful chemical cocktail appearing in your brain.
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    Siddhas being part of expanded consciousness is a good way of saying it. The one ability I have is indeed simply this.

    Trataka I took as one of the many routes of samadhi. It in itself is most likely useful in *deity yoga*. However I supposed its core is to develop the power of singular attention. From what I understand there are many methods to develop a supremely focused mind. Once you can enter this state, it in itself has many applications. Differences: Trataka makes transition from external focus to internal easier.
    Once the senses withdraw, the last to go is often the sight. Sight must be turned inwards. Bright objects naturally leave an after image. Of course if you stare at anything long enough it will do the same.

    Controlled hyperventilation: breath without pause. Any rhythm of breathing That lowers co2 faster than it increases works. Rhythm is good because the heart will always synch with breathing or vice versa. Done correctly you can jog, synch the heart with breathing and thus lower your heart rate while jogging and never become winded. Done correctly you can breath extremely slow or shallow, and as long as the heart synch's the same is done.

    My method for what I call kundalini: A variation of nadi shodhana. There being only two major nerve branches in the body I presumed this technique influenced the vagus nerve. In its present form it remains a slow technique of labor. However in any form it needs consistency. I do not even manually alternate nostrils. Only in mind. However the vagus nerve splits into sympathetic and para sympathetic ganglia at the throat. These nerves are connected heavily to the carotid arteries in the throat. The biggest blood vessels of the throat. Simply do alternate nostril breathing upon the blood vessels of the throat. In this way localized blood pressure is influenced. An thus the nerves attached are stimulated in kind. The kundalini itself will come upon waking or while going to sleep. You will be awake, it is simply the fact that you enter a light trance during transition. Alternatively you can enter a trance willingly. Like that experienced while practicing focusing methods that lead to samadhi ; D
    When doing this I will simply randomly do it all day. Depending on the length of time it may take a day or two before things initiate. However if you were to sit and practice an hour continuously no doubt this is better than randomly practicing.
    If you are not experienced with manipulating pressure of the body via breathing all I say is. Go light. Pressure is pressure. All that matters is that it exists and is continuous. Like making waves in a pool. A splash is fine but a rhythmical splashing makes waves bigger than the splash itself.

    I believe I previously explained the Valsalva maneuver and modified Valsalva. It is something to take note of. However it is not something I can expand upon at this time. More testing is needed.

    Just sharing because I can. An a previous poster helped me realize I should be more organized in my deliverance of specifics.
    Formerly known as Avaar186.

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    However I supposed its core is to develop the power of singular attention.
    No, that's just the beginning. The purpose of the practices are to strengthen the two lights( jothi ) that emit from the eyes. ( bio-photons ).
    Advanced practices involves mirrors lamps, fixing sunlight, peripheral vision.
    Instead of focusing on a singular point, you focus on the black edges that surround your visual cone of sight.
    The black edges surrounding your vision get thicker and your picture of the world gets smaller, you step back from your vision.
    What will really get your goat, is that you can look away from your visual cone of vision.
    So what is sight ? if i can look away from it and still see ?

    The side effects from advanced practices are magnetoreception, transplantation of consciousness, ( essentially leave consciousness at one point in space time, object, room.etc ).
    Manipulate the behaviour of photons ( fix different frequencies of light ( radiation ) onto solid matter.

    Once the senses withdraw, the last to go is often the sight. Sight must be turned inwards. Bright objects naturally leave an after image. Of course if you stare at anything long enough it will do the same.
    " Turning the light around " from Taoism.
    But haven't you lost your sight daydreaming before ?

    Just sharing because I can.
    Ok. Thanks.
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