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Thread: Easy to Read & Comprehend Alchemical Tracts

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    Easy to Read & Comprehend Alchemical Tracts

    I have an additional purpose behind this post. As anyone would know, we are very much close to the end & there is going to be a great culling. I earnestly wish that someone reading this will understand Alchemy and with its help will be able to achieve success. Post that, during the times of trouble lying ahead he will be able to help fellow citizens, plants & animals since this time everyone is on the menu.

    One also needs to understand that majority of humans by themselves are not responsible for the mess they find themselves in. It is always some clowns destroying human civilization overtly/covertly by co-opting the govt/monarchy. First we go through their suffering & then wrath of God. So, it is a double whammy. The other solution is to never trust anybody or even your own family. Soon, trust will disappear between you & God and that marks the end. This requires thinking at the global level & some may not be able to completely understand my stance.

    I will be sharing some useful treatises & selected portions of texts which I can assure, that the reader will be able to completely understand regarding what needs to be done in a short span of time. Most regular readers will be familiar with the texts, I am only grouping them together so that the reader will be able to maintain absolute focus on the final end goal rather than falling into the pits deliberately created by Adepts.

    Readers are well advised to read the sticky threads especially Philosopher's Matter & Spiritus Mundi thread to have deeper understanding of the subject.

    Regarding the end:

    By Alois Irlmaier
    1. First, a prosperity like never comes!
    2. Then, an apostasy as never follows.
    3. Then a moral corruption as never before.
    4. Then comes a large number of strangers into the country.
    5. There is a great inflation. The money will lose more and more value.
    6. Soon after followed the Revolution.
    7. Then the Russians invaded the West overnight.
    Poem Lied der Linde:
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