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Thread: Death threats, lies and whatever...

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    Death threats, lies and whatever...

    I am writing and feeling quite scared at the same time. I had to take a tranquilizer for I was shaking.

    Some weeks ago a person with whom I had never talked to before decided that I am "Rhoend". I was simply in a small forum in which he was a member too.
    I somehow laughed at the idea, but didn't pay much attention.

    On the next day something odd happened:
    1) My phone was hacked... I do not know much about computers and hacking (well, I know nothing actually, I simply know how to make webs in a quite primitive way). The hack simply made my phone write by itself random words in Spanish with insults and other meaningless words, something like: "Idiot marzipan asshole son of a bitch champagne motherfucker table bastard porcupine". The button to turn it off was blocked, it didn't work. The applications didn't work either, I couldn't run the anti-virus... and I finally managed to go to the settings and "restore the phone to its original state" (i.e, I deleted EVERYTHING). Such thing worked and the whole thing got fixed.

    2) I found out later that I had been expelled from ALL the spanish speaking forums related to alchemy. Someone had taken the time to write to the moderators of each damn forum as to say something (I have no idea of what they said) and get me banned.

    3) I found out later an anonymous web stating that I am Rhoend (Actually that Sebastián Jarré and I are Rhoend).

    That's what happened on the day #1 of this nightmare.

    Some days later some former friends told me that I am Rhoend... which is silly, because they know me (and they were persons who liked Rhoend and were in good terms with him).

    What comes next is not chronological, I am too stressed as to make a chronological description:

    As the days went by the anonymous web began to grow with some absurd ideas. Photos of me, my phone number, all my contact information and an explanation that the truth behind "Rhoend" is that it's me, and that I am the leader of a Satanic Cult that makes some sort of satanic rituals influenced by Aleister Crowley to rape or abuse women and an invitation to sue me because of my "frauds" or "swindles".

    I was also contacted by 3 persons:
    1) a friend whom I have seen for the first time in a recent travel to Europe... acting as the "messenger" of those who were writing that page (I know who they are and their messenger confirmed such thing to me). He told me that he knew that I am not Rhoend, but that his other friends were too enraged as to think. His idea was to negotiate a peace. He told me that the idea was a skype conversation with everyone involved, which I accepted. However the persons who attacked me decided not to do it because Rhoend had published a video that offended them or something like that.

    2) A person from Latin America who told me that he was betraying a friend, but he felt the moral obligation to inform me that there was a plan to murder me.

    3) A person from Spain who told me exactly the same thing and doesn't know this other person (well, maybe he does, I think he doesn't). He simply told me that my phone had been hacked and that there's a lot of information about me... but that my concern should not be the information that was published anonymously, but my life.... because there is a plan to murder me.

    I got in touch with Rhoend and with Sebastian Jarré... because the whole thing was INSANE. Rhoend made some videos showing his face and stating that he is not me. Sebastian attacked the attackers with some writings.

    In my own case, I preferred to remain silent... but today I saw my address circulating with claims that I am into some sort of Satanic Circle influenced by Aleister Crowley to rape or abuse women. The pages also said that I hide under the alias "Zoas".

    So I would like to explain some things:

    1) I am not Rhoend and my name is Julian... and my full name is easy to find in my signature here... and my ONLY web is .... which shows my real name and a simple "whois" of the domain will show my name too.

    2) EVERYONE who knows me already knows that I am NOT Rhoend. I actually knew that Rhoend existed when there was a controversy in this same forum because of the cost of the book "Legado Hermetico". That's the first time I've heard of Rhoend in my life.

    3) I have ZERO influence on what Rhoend writes, does, sells, thinks, acts, etc... Assuming that I have some sort of influence on his writings or photos or whatever is as absurd as assuming that the author of the books by Salazius is actually me (I'm not Rhoend, I'm not Salazius, I'm not JDC, I'm not Illen A. Cluff... and my name is Julian).

    4) It is TRUE that from time to time I receive gifts by mail that Rhoend sends me. In most cases it is lab stuff, in some other cases it is things like rings, masks, even a bag, electronic devices... Why he sends that stuff? I have no idea... though when I receive them I write a "thank you note". Other than that I do not remember to have discussed anything related to alchemy with Rhoend in my whole life... I have the weird tendency to talk about random things (books, movies, my ideas about love, something that happened during the day... art, etc). Though I have not talked much with Rhoend during my life. I have never seen him face to face... and I have sent him some photos of me and he did the same, sending me photos of him (though not photos related to alchemy, just silly photos of travels, etc). I do not know much about him actually.

    5) I do not write in any anonymous blog, I find it childish... and "Zoas" is not my "alias". It is just a login name... and even when the "Alchemy Forums Anthology" was published I discussed (in a friendly way) with Awani because he wanted me to sign my article as "Zoas23"... and I told him that I wanted my name there, that he could ALSO add "Zoas23" if he wanted to, but that it's just a damn login name. If the other authors of the second issue happen to hurry up, then the second issue will show my name too, just like the first.

    6) I saw a caption that is circulating of a copyright denounce in youtube (I don't even get which video was denounced or who was denounced), but here's the caption:

    This has been used in several websites to "disclose" that I am Rhoend.
    I would like to clarify some issues: I have no idea if that is a fake caption or a weird "joke" that someone did using photoshop. What I have to say about it is:
    a) I did not write ANY denounce on youtube related to videos of Rhoend.
    b) The web does not belong to me.
    c) I have nothing to denounce for I have no copyrights on "symbols" or "watermarks" or whatever that belong to Rhoend.
    d) I have not participated in the making of ANY video that Rhoend ever published, filmed, created, edited, etc... so I have zero copyrights on them... thus I have nothing to denounce.
    e) I have NEVER talked about "rituals" with Rhoend... and I have to clarify this issue because these anonymous webs claim that I am Rhoend, but also that I have influenced Rhoend with "occult symbolism". I have zero influence on what Rhoend does and I have not even talked about any kind of "ritual" with him. In the same way that I have not talked about such thing with Sophia, since there is a claim that a video of Sophia (a friend of Rhoend) which has some ritualistic tone was conceived by me.
    I have never talked to Sophia, I have never seen Sophia.
    ALL I know about that video is that I was talking to Sebastian and Sophia phoned him stating that she wanted to make a video for Rhoend... and asked Sebastian if he wanted to help her by filming, he agreed and since I know a thing or too about cinema, then Sebastian asked me if I was OK with helping him to film something that she wanted to film. I said "OK". He called 15 minutes later saying that Sophia was going to be filmed by a relative of her, so I said "OK"... I didn't care much and it was a rainy day. So that's the ONLY video in which I ALMOST participated, but I didn't (I simply was invited to help to film and then told 15 minutes later that such thing wasn't needed... other than that, I had no idea of what was going to be filmed until I saw the video a few days later).
    f) So yes, I do not know Rhoend face to face and I have never talked to Sophia.

    7) I have ZERO relation with Satanism... I am simply not interested in such thing, I can only imagine "Satanism" as a group of 15 years old nerds playing something like Dungeons and Dragons. As for Aleister Crowley, I honestly think that he was a clown... and not really an interesting person. He is not an author I am interested in at all.

    8) As for "Satanic rituals to rape women"... Not much to say on the subject, I don't know if the person who write that stuff is on drugs or something. I have some weird life choices, one of them is to be strictly monogamous... and I do endorse feminism and gender equality. Raping someone is something I would NEVER do. Other than that, I do NOT participate in ANY ritual that involves any kind of sexual thing (I am not into tantra either or anything like that).

    9) Besides from being insane to write such things... writing such thing next to my photo and all my contact information opens the very dangerous door of having someone reading some thing and believe that there is any reality into it.... and decide to attack me physically. It is truly PSYCHOPATH to happily write such nonsense as to invite people to attack me.

    10) Other than that, 2 persons talked to me about a plan to "murder me". Yes, I am scared. It's not nice to see all that bullshit written and also my contact information.

    11) Again... I am not Rhoend. I sign all the works I publish with my real name. The most recent one was a prologue for a French translations of the british painter Austin Osman Spare, which were published by a friend and who invited me and Alan Moore to write a prologue. My prologue is signed with my name, Moore's prologue is signed with his name... and I am not Moore either.

    12) The pages publicly insist with inviting everyone to sue me because of my FRAUDS. I publicly invite anyone who wants it to write here which "fraud" are those pages talking about. I have never swindled anyone.

    13) Today a person told me: "we have hacked you and we have all your information, the truth will come out. This was done by someone who works for the Argentinean government". I honestly have nothing to hide... my whole house can be searched and you will find books, cats, my axolotl, paintings... but nothing that involves any crime, nor anything that I am ashamed of... though an invasion of my privacy is not exactly nice.

    There are other details, but I don't want to make this whole thing too long.
    I have tried to contact the persons writing this stuff without much response, I had to block their "messenger" from my contacts because some photos of me are being posted and I am unable to trust anyone (even if I have meet the "messenger" face to face in Europe recently and I can state that he is a very kind person and we had fun talking about life).

    I have heard ALL the possible theories about who is Rhoend. My answer right now is that I do not care about who is Rhoend... and if you have theories about it, feel free to discuss them in ANOTHER THREAD. I am simply making this thread because I am being the victim of a very violent diffamation that even opens the door to any lunatic to come and attack me... and because 2 persons have talked to me about a "murder plan" (Which I do not know if it is real or not). I have also heard that one of the persons who is attacking me received some sort of death threat from me... well, no, I am a damn vegetarian since 30 years ago and I absolutely reject violence against sentient beings (let's not discuss about plants being sentient beings too here, please). I didn't write ANY death threat, nor I would.

    I am not into making anonymous blogs... and since I know that the 3 persons who are attacking me follow this web, I would like to invite them to contact me. They perfectly know where to find me (well, right now the whole world knows where to find me)... and talk... and find a solution to this bad horror movie. This whole thing is INSANE.

    And if you have a problem with Rhoend... then discuss it with Rhoend... He is not me.
    I simply want this very unpleasant situation to finish, I do not care about what happened or how it all started, but I will quote a friend: "STOP IT".

    As simple as that: STOP IT.

    So I am kindly asking those who write that I am into satanic raping rituals and that I am Rhoend to stop assuming that their fantasies are realities. I do have a life and I am happy with it... and you are truly harming me. And I know that Sebastian and Rhoend are stricking too, so it's like a nuclear war. As the proverb says: "There are no winners in a nuclear war". After seeing today my contact information posted on websites I didn't dare to leave my house even to go to the supermarket and buy food to eat and as soon as I finish this message I am moving to the house of a friend and I will be staying there until this situation finishes.

    Can you please contact me so we can finish with this bullshit which is simply harming everyone that for some reason or other got involved? The solution is simple: STOP IT.

    I do no longer care about what happened, what lead to this insane situation, by now the ONLY solution is a simple STOP IT. You know, someone is going to end up DEAD if this shit goes on... and the ones who remain alive will have their lives made a mess... what is the fucking point of such thing?

    Other than that, I will no longer post here for I am not posting ANYTHING on the internet because I am scared.
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    Wow!! Wild news!

    I can only imagine the level of fear and insecurity you are experiencing right now. I wish you the best! Give a friend your login details so that we can know if you die (it's probably all idle threats). When you get a chance and feel safer post an update; this is all next-level absurd and disheartening.

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    Hope everything goes well for you, zoas.
    Art is Nature in the flask; Nature is a vial thing.

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    Zoas, please - PLEASE, contact the authorities about this. A death threat is not to be taken lightly.

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    I have just received a death threat by phone. Someone talking with a distorted voice.

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    Dear friend Julian

    maximum solidarity i and our group Prometeo

    ( see that this crazy now threaten you by telephone, advice of denounce immediately this at the police authority )

    dear friend we are very sorry for all this disgusting situations
    all the ignominious lies that they are putting up against you are disgusting

    (but NB your footage on which these ignorant these ignorant accuse and unfold with their ignorant and lousy lies the your video etc they are beautiful and deep and full of deep symbolic are beautiful and deep and full of deep symbolic alchemic and esoteric very compliments )

    and therefore I hope and let's hope like ours group prometeo ..

    that all this disgust against you must ENDS IMMEDIATLY ...

    maximum solidarity with you Julian

    and SO here I turn an INVITATION / WARNIG VERY hard and E VERY clear and very EXPLICITE...

    END immediately molest julian so STOP IT IMMEDIATLY

    nb this warnig are for the well know persons that molest our dear friend Julian
    an THIS WARNIG for now it is in form bonariously STILL but only for now..
    ( NB we know very well who are these psychopaths crazy persons : A, AL, MC, J, etc and where these they psychopaths crazy persons live addresses houses etc MEXICO, AR, SP, etc ..and we not never play.. and we not pacifist.. and in our lives and the actions of the prometeo group we always apply and will always apply the SACRED law of the taglione eye for eye and tooth for tooth (for wel understood it can read in google our history and our clear action that is not only in eropa but.. also in america country etc we have one very widespread network.. also in mexico etc..SO and after well read it in google etc SO yuo that molest MUST considered very very well this clear warnig and well understood this ..WARNIG ..STILL for now bonariously... )

    and SO here I turn an INVITATION / WARNIG VERY hard and E VERY clear and very EXPLICITE...

    to those who are molesting you coming from our very well-known .... prometeo group ...

    END immediately molest julian so STOP IT IMMEDIATLY

    maximum solidarity with you alfr and all our group prometeo
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    a group dedicated to killing satanists is going to get a lot of attention from satanists
    (every government in the world)
    and if they end up killing innocents, they have become what they hate

    I am simply not interested in such thing, I can only imagine "Satanism" as a group of 15 years old nerds playing something like Dungeons and Dragons. As for Aleister Crowley, I honestly think that he was a clown... and not really an interesting person. He is not an author I am interested in at all.
    oh no....its all over the western world

    contact the police, but probably a few of them are satanists
    they're everywhere
    a group who tries to hunt them down is opening a can of worms

    unless this whole thing is a farce and someone is trying to scare you for some perceived slight
    verifying that you are not Rhoend should of been easy...
    as you said you are not hiding who you are

    i wish you the best Zoa, don't let fear be used as a weapon against you
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    i was actually going to buy Rhoends book for like $1200AU, just so i could learn some SM secrets, however Zoas convinced me out of buying it and wasting my money, while at the same time teachings me what i needed to know. No scammer here, quite an honourable and decent fellow in my experience. Not that I need to tell anybody from this forum....
    Join me; on a voyage of stupidity, and self discovery:

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    Quote Originally Posted by elixirmixer View Post
    i was actually going to buy Rhoends book for like $1200AU, just so i could learn some SM secrets, however Zoas convinced me out of buying it and wasting my money, while at the same time teachings me what i needed to know. No scammer here, quite an honourable and decent fellow in my experience. Not that I need to tell anybody from this forum....
    Anybody who would even consider buying any book for $1200 has some very loose screws in their head.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Illen A. Cluf View Post
    Anybody who would even consider buying any book for $1200 has some very loose screws in their head.
    I have been planning to buy this for a few years now (seen prices between $1200 and $2000):

    As big as a fucking coffee table. Full size color images. Impressive as fuck. I have the normal book, but want this one.

    Don’t let the delusion of reality confuse you regarding the reality of the illusion.

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