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Thread: Death threats, lies and whatever...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Illen A. Cluf View Post
    I think the reason is quite obvious from the first post which provides the much more serious reason for the threat: that, according to Zoas' own statement, they think that he is "into some sort of Satanic Circle influenced by Aleister Crowley to rape or abuse women". I don't think it has anything to do with the ridiculous price of "Rhoend's" pretentious book. My feeling is that it's even more serious than that. It's likely not just about the rape or abuse of women (serious enough on its own), but the possible rape and abuse of innocent children as reported in various News articles regarding the alleged rituals of certain Satanic cults. As I said before, this could potentially become a very serious matter that the authorities should definitely be informed of.
    Yes, the vague accusations (diffamation actually) open the door to many interpretations, the abuse of children is indeed one of them.
    Others may arrive to different ideas which I can't even imagine (weird rituals involving murders?).
    I've had a conversation with someone who acts on their behalf as a messenger yesterday.
    I asked if they think that ANYTHING they write about me is true, he said "no" and that it was certainly lies and weird allegations to destroy my life, but that the aim is not me, but Rohend. I asked if they BELIEVE that I am a satanist or a raper, I was told that I am obviously none of these things.
    I asked if they BELIEVE that I am Rohend and the person acting on their behalf said "no", that I am obviously not Rohend.
    ... BUT that they will keep on writing nonsense about me until Rohend follows a some instructions or does some things they want him to do.
    I explained them that they are risking my life, so I've been told that I should talk to Rohend and persuade Rohend to follow their instructions.
    I told him that they can fucking talk to Rohend instead of talking to someone unrelated to their *problems* with him.
    I was explained that I am somehow like the "weapon" they have and that if something happens to me it will be Rohend's fault.
    After explaining that I am unrelated to their mental *problems* with Rohend, I was told to talk to Rohend and give him some orders.

    I will leave the "messenger" in peace for he has been kind with me when I went to Europe and he invited me to dinner and helped me with finding places to stay and helped me with finding some nice places to visit... and some day he will open his eyes and realize that this is blackmailing and playing with my life in something that may even lead to a murder (I mean me being murdered).

    The police will be informed of the rest. I will not get involved in "internet flame wars" with psychopaths (or anyone).

    Quote Originally Posted by Luxus View Post
    All magikal orders based on Aleister Crowley involve "sex magik". Aleister Crowley was a dirty depraved pervert so if you join such a cult man or woman you can expect to be sexually abused and peer pressure placed on you to do all kinds of weird stuff passed off as "magik". Now if these cults have devolved further then they already are to hunting down people outside their cult and sexually abusing them then the police should be notified. It should be noted as someone pointed out above there are people in high places involved in such satanic cults. It goes all the way up to members of the government. The victims must come forward if they exist and it is not all just accusation.
    O.K... I am NOT involved in ANYTHING that has any kind of connection with Aleister Crowley (or Satanism). I am not involved in any kind of "sexual ritual", I am aware that some religions (Hinduism) even have some sort of "sacred sexuality" practices (tantra), but I am not involved or interested in such thing either.

    This idiocy has crossed ALL the possible limits of decency. I'm sick of trying to negotiate with psychopaths. I simply downloaded all the accusations and threats I have received and they will have to discuss their ideas with the police. I refuse to be the "weapon" they have agaisnt Rohend... specially when such thing means that my life is in danger.

    Quote Originally Posted by JDP View Post
    That's what I was wondering as well. What did this "Rhoend" fellow do that is so bad that some people want him dead? Composing and selling overpriced books full of phony-baloney claims might be enough reason for some people to want to kick your ass, but I would hardly call that an argument to try to justify murder.
    At this point, I honestly do not care. If these 3 persons have a problem with Rohend, then they will have to talk about such thing with him and with the police. It is not my business, it is not my problem. I won't negotiate with lunatics who have decided that I have some sort of influence on what Rohend writes, does, films or whatever. I don't and I won't end up dead because of their idiocy.
    Their game of playing with my life as to pressure Rohend to do I-don't-know-what is simply psychopath.

    And my offer to come and talk to me is OVER. I won't have even more conversations about what a third person has to do if I do not want to die murdered.
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    maximum solidarity with you dear friend Julian

    for anyone looking a little in internet you understand very well that these 3 "gentlemen A, AL, MC, " and they & , are all the real delinquents for what they say and do and against the friend Julian etc
    and these 3 "gentlemen " 4 J it is in SP are only just the crazy psychopaths

    maximum solidarity with you julian

    alfr and all our group prometeo
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    SO....who is rohend again ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ArcherSage View Post
    SO....who is rohend again ?
    This is him: Rhoend

    Don’t let the delusion of reality confuse you regarding the reality of the illusion.

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    I edited this post so as not to "inflame" matters even more.

    Get a life, people...

    [Thread Closed]
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