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Thread: Fixation test of the Red Wax

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    Fixation test of the Red Wax

    Hello everyone,

    This is my Red Wax made from Our Oil, it has the ability to withstand high temperatures without smoking, it melts a superficial layer just when touched with the finger and in the absence of heat it becomes hard as a stone. It dissolves in water, wine or some alcohol.
    It is clear that it is not the Philosopher's Stone, so a proof of transmutation would come after guiding it with gold.

    I leave a photograph and a video of the test of fixity, the spoon was in more than 600 ° C, it is a true Salamander!!

    What do you think?..

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    May I ask; animal, vegetable or mineral?
    Join me; on a voyage of stupidity, and self discovery:

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    Quote Originally Posted by elixirmixer View Post
    May I ask; animal, vegetable or mineral?
    The oil is not specific to any kingdom of Nature, I generated it directly from the air.

    This is the Oil:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Agni View Post
    The oil is not specific to any kingdom of Nature, I generated it directly from the air.!82ce06c25b...17ec966c0753a4

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    Red wax ??? true alchemy?

    or a well-organized fake of all these many ? charlatans ??

    so here the first of the charlatans ? which explains one of the their presumed method :

    (for made an one opinion see article in links here attached)

    by now the red wax is fashionable has become a web in the web among and among those who distribute many crazy and so many doubts of petty and false false propaganda falsified to sell it to desperate sick people who are illused by the deceased

    but these red waxes that trade in that
    True traditional skills have the ability that stone has traditionally to have

    these red waxes so fashionable and that the web now flood what have traditional capacities ??

    capacities transmutative metals vili in gold etc ??
    nb and not the usually fake video of many trasmutations that there are in webs

    regenerative capacities ??

    Rejuvenating capacities ??

    as well as where in these various red waxes that adorn the web the truly curative capacities or are just falsehood to illusive desperate sick

    and if it was that instead? that these red waxes that flock to the web nowhere to serve anything is nothing more than ignorant of illusory desperate sufferers
    this is yet another propaganda of the alleged and so-called red wax

    and here is a good and very interesting article that arouses very very "little" doubt about all these beautiful red waxes that are now filling the web

    good good reading to each one to create his own personal opinion to me / us group prometeo Personally, all this arouses and many deep doubts that if they were confirmed they would be disgusted about the seriousness and validity of all this ....

    and to those who spread these web cult of various waves reds that now invade the web and the internet the OBLIGATION to PROVE and to demonstrate in form IRREFUTABLY and INCONTROVERTIBLY the their truth of what their allow and dare to assert and their say

    regard alfr for the prometeo group

    .................................................. .................................................. ...

    cera rossa ??? vera alchimia ??

    o un falso ben organizzato di tutti questi vari ?ciarlatani ??

    ecco qui il primo dei ciarlatani ? che spiega uno dei loro presunti metodi :

    vedasi link qui allegati

    ormai la cera rossa è di moda è diventata negli web un cult tra e tra quelli che distribuiscono molti matti e tanti tanti dubbi di meschine e ignobili false propagande falsificate per venderla a dei disperati malati che da dei malintenzionati vengono illusi

    ma queste cere rosse che girano in commercio che
    vere capacita tradizionali hanno capacita che la pietra deve tradizionalmente avere
    queste cere rosse tanto di moda e che inondano ormai i web cosa hanno di capacita tradizionali ??

    capacita trasmutative metalli vili in oro etc ??
    nb e non gli usuali falsi video di trasmutazioni che ci sono nei web

    capacita rigenerative ??

    capacita ringiovanenti ??

    nonche dove in queste varie cere rosse che ornai affollano i web le capacita veramente curative o sono solo falsità per illudere malati disperati

    e se fosse che invece ? che queste cere rosse che affollano ormai i web non servono a nulla non c'è niente di piu ignobile di illudere ammalati disperati
    questa è l'ennesima propaganda della presunta e cosi detta cera rossa

    e qui un bel e molto interessante articoletto che suscita non pochi dubbi su tutte queste belle cere rosse che affollano i web

    buona buona lettura a ciascuno crearsi una sua personale opinione a me /noi personalmente tutto questo suscita e molti dubbi profondi che se venissero confermati si tramuterebbero in disgusto sulla serieta e validità di tutto questo....

    e a chi diffonde queste cult cere rosse varie che ormai invadono i web e la rete internet l'OBBLIGO di dimostrare inoppugnabilmente la loro verità di ciò che loro si permettono e osano affermare

    regard alfr for the gruppo promet
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    What the hell is that, is that autumn candle wax ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ArcherSage View Post
    What the hell is that, is that autumn candle wax ?
    I'm surprised you didn't think it was phosphorous.
    One fatal tree there stands of knowledge called, forbidden them to taste. Knowledge forbidden? Suspicious. Reasonless. And why should their Lord envy them that? Can it be sin to know? Can it be death? And do they stand by ignorance, is that their happy state, the proof of their obedience and their faith?

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    It may be phosphorus mixed with candle wax

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    Quote Originally Posted by Seth-Ra View Post
    I'm surprised you didn't think it was phosphorous.
    Last edited by Andro; 10-13-2017 at 07:03 AM. Reason: PixFix (edit: image link was possibly temporarily inactive)

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    After further examination of the image of the red wax, I have come to the conclusion that it is in fact phosphorus, the work used to come to this conclusion is below

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