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Thread: The constitutes of Spagyrics

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    The constitutes of Spagyrics


    Hermetic principals suggest that a true alchemical quintessense is created when all four elements have been purified and recombined.

    Here i seek to analyse the core molecules that we use in our work, the reason should become clear as we continue.

    Firstly - EARTH
    Most plant ashes consist of mainly sodium and potassium carbonates. There are always other trace minerals aswell, for instance, seaweed ashes contain noteable amounts of iodine. However, once our salts have been leached, we should have a reasonably pure mix of sodium and potassium carbonates. Grape vine ashes are particularly high in potassium salts (ive read).

    Carbonates react quite easily with most acids. From the carbonate it is quite easy to create acetates, citrates and other compounds. This ability of the carbonate functional group, to be able to easily share its sodium and potassium ions, is very important in our work as we shall see a little later.

    I would like to note: plant ashes are obtained quite easily, giving us a cheap source of our first ingredient, pretty much where ever you look.

    I always had trouble in the past getting white salts during calcination, however, i treated black ashes with distilled water and extracted salts all the same, sometimes with marveolus success (and sometimes not)

    Second - WATER
    The water we use in our work would ideally be gentle distilled from the plant itself, however, at the very least, we should try to use water from the dew in the air, the nitreous salts will help improve the solvent ability of the water, and it will also imbibe the earths spirit into your meds. It is important to note, that water is a polar molecule. It has, due to the shape of its atomic structure and the electronegative potential difference between oxygen and hydrogen, a naturally occuring "charge".
    Water will then only extract (typically) the other, charged particles in your macerated herbs. Compare this with another solvent like ether, which is non-polar, and will extract non-polar molecules. Therefore it is easy to recognise that there exists a great difference between sulfurs obtained using water and sulfurs obtained using ether or ethanol. (Andro knows heaps about this stuff but just drops gems of gold occasionally that you have to hunt for.)

    It is also worth noting that our carbonates are dissolvable in water and are not dissolvable in ethanol (ive never checked ether, i should)

    Thirdly - AIR!!
    When plants are heated to a gentle 40 degrees, they begin to release high levels of what we call 'aromatics'. Aromatics are very stable molecules that consist of a benzene ring or similar atomic structure, and some type of functional group (a functional group is a collection of atoms within a molecular structure that allows it to interact with other molecules). As their name suggests, aromatics have a strong smell. They are also very volatile, and are resistant somewhat to thermal breakdown due to having strong cardon rings.

    Finally - Fire

    This is the most complex part of our equation, because it is the most individualized aspect of the plant realm. For the sake of this discussion, it is enough to say that the fire element is the 'tincture'; it is the colour and personal characteristics of the inward aspects of the plant (i mean its cells, not its "apple core", for instance, the majority of fire element in grapes is found in their skins. These types of molecules are often described as 'pigments'

    ADDEDbecause i forgot to write it) Pigments and other fire element related molecules (each element has a variety) work similar to steriods and some carbohydrates, in that they absord and stay in the cell walls, and work to signal and transmit information to surrounding activities, assisting, and catalysing positive bio-chemical reactions that could otherwise not occur. An example, the reshi mushroom's, gangonic (?) Acid, is a powerful steroid that improves longevity, only available in the reshi mushroom. (!!!!!)

    This demonstrates the point im convaying; that each plant had its own chemical signature (literally) that shares info with the body and allows it to perform specialist tasks.

    When these four special types of molecules are arranged and connected using alchemical methods, we end up with a super molecule, capable of a variety of functions within the body. This molecule can be metaphorically detailed using the analogy of a space ship.

    A space ship has many parts, all are vital to completing the mission, however, the role.of each part differs increadibly. First of all we have all those metal and joints. This is the glue holding the entire ship together. When studying water, it is often said that hydrogen bonding in water is the "glue" of nature. And it is no different here, the water in our elixir is what allows all to mix and come together, just like the structure of our spaceship.

    Next we have thrusters. Without a powerful, fire resistant, VOLATILE compound, there would be no way whatsoever to travel the great distances reauired to reach our destination. Our aromatic compounds behave just like this, allowing your heavy ship to travel through the small intestine wall, cross the blood brain barrier, and approach the cells.

    However, a hunk of metal and a few thrusters wont do much good to land this puppy, thats why we have the collective minds of Huston and the pilot crew, Our Fire. Just like in space, where there are set combinstions of controls in order to land the moon craft onto the surface of the moon, requiring great skill and specialisation, (as we travel more and more planets, we will realise that each planet will require certain ships and certain landing proceedures to enter their atmosphere and surface) so too, does our mega molecule have the specialization of the fire pigments, which communicates with the surface dwelling protiens and signalling carbohydrates, deciding, and allowing, which cells to land on.

    And finally, what mission to the moon would be complete without leaving a big American flag behind to mark your efforts. When finally, fire, air, and water have found their destination, then they plant that simple potassium or sodium molecule, which has been hypercharged and cleansed by the other elements, into.or around the cell, triggering high voltage gradients, which give bio-energy to the cells and blood plasma and which allows for increased communication between cells, repair, detoxificstion, ATP production. When a highly charged grouo of americans get together in a ship, theres no telling how much they could change the course of your bio-chemistry.

    Thank you for reading my brief rambles about the molecular consituents of our work. I will be continuing this thread with updates on how these molecules are united and the specifics of their reaction, however right now i have litte space soldiers trying to get into my brain (the kids)

    Ciao for now
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