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Distilling Hymalaian Rock salt is an interesting prospect, however, its hard to use it as a 'control'. Reason being, Himalayan Rock salt has something like 80+ different elements in it.

So, this is a very unusual variety of salts. Another thought is: How the 'F' did they all get there??

Anyway, this is very different from say, NaCL or K(CO)3 for example.
I considered it a control since the procurement wasn't very alchemical (even though we are mostly talking spagyrics in this thread) The number of crystals in solution has increased as the very slow evaporation proceeds, but they are all still very very tiny. When left for a long time they settle to the bottom but refuse to bond to the glass (and a couple glass beads found there way in as well, probably when I was moving the foil because I spilled some). Also the foil above the jar, has, erm, browned?? From what I understand this is sort of normal, but it's the first time I've seen it. It looks burnt. That didn't happen when it was in a flask with a smaller opening. I might filter what I have so far and see if I can get a picture for you. They're quite lovely, just, tiny. Like tiny little needles floating around.

My guess is that the mixture of salty ions acted on the water somehow to change it without actually coming over, b/c as I said, it tastes and acts like regular water. No salinity observed yet, though I might try another taste test as well.