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Thread: Help needed: Putrefaction and Red Oil from Plants

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    Feb 2015
    Quote Originally Posted by elixirmixer View Post
    So; what about heating the vessel to say 300f while empty, then dropping the fresh herb inside and closing the lid and dropping the heat back down to 250.

    If I have a pelican that has a 2000ml boiling flask and 1000ml upper flask, how much should I fill the vessel?
    Isn't a pelican typically used for processes that don't involve boiling but leisurely circulation at a moderate temperature?

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    In his Spagyrics course, Jean Dubuis equates clearly putrefaction and fermentation and the death of the body.

    About the redness induced by the putrefaction, I have a flower pot filled with soil which is constatly under the rain. Yesterday when flushing the cup underneath this pot it striked me that the water was bright red. What does ENS means please?

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