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Thread: Help needed: Putrefaction and Red Oil from Plants

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    Quote Originally Posted by elixirmixer View Post
    Have you ever refluxed plants before Axis?
    Yes. What I found more interesting though was refluxing common table salt partially dissolved in dew, how it changed colour over time then back to the starting colour, fascinating excercise that got me started in practical Lab Alchemy.

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    Well, I see reflux as a good place to be; thats why i've saved it for last. Using the opposites of hot/cold, is very much a hermetic principle, therefore, it has to do something. Hopefully today I can find out what that something is.

    Thank you all for your contribution. The cloth thing is probably the way to go, Maybe ill putrify before ai move forward... not sure yet.
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    I would say at least some kind of reflux is needed, but a sealed flask will sort of do this on its own. I used a martini glass to act as my rainmaker in the mentioned experiment.

    I don't have the answer, but should we also consider the natural decomposition of fallen leaves -> black hummus? That to me is the natural order of decomposition, and soil is very much alive. It is its own ecosystem filled with nematoads and mites and all manner of microscopic critters. It is far from a "sterile" environment but produces a very sweet product.

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    Heat of the air.
    Moisture and dryness with dominant dryness.
    Meaning a sauna.
    The green material will sweat out red substance. This substance.
    It is like a slight burning.
    A hot shower, just below burning temp.
    Very little water in the bottom of your vessel.

    If you are able to completely sunbleach your substance. A lower heat will extract the red liquid.
    You have to sweat it out.
    Not wash it out.
    Sauna vs. bath.

    Mulch is the balanced product of purification of plants. A sweet smelling earth. Yet nitrogen rich purification yields a smell like a graveyard.
    Living dirt. Sand isn't living.
    Dirt is living death of trees and is the foundation of life.
    Life is build on a living soup of death. Can I extract an oil from freshly grown dirt? Does fresh dirt have any significant value? I mean fresh dirt from a pure source.
    Anyway, purification is digestion.
    In air and without air, both forms exist.
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