Its good to know that ether is in fact, much more dangerous than I originally thought, and I originally thought it was in the EXTREME zone.

Turns out; its more in the SUPER EXTREME zone, and this is why.

Do you have a bottle of ether? How long have you had it? How long has it been opened? Ether has a tendancy to oxadize when air gets into the bottle. This causes Hydrogen Peroxide, something about the two of these are very bad; and can cause MEGA explosions.

To clarify; if you have a bottle of ether, it is standard laboratory practise to discard the ether after six months. Some labs hold their bottles for a year. I've had mine a year and used it the other day and didnt die; however, tomorrow I will be doing something about the ether I have, as I just realized it could be a ticking timebomb.

If you look into your ether bottle, and you see crystals; your in some serious shit, and are going to need proffessional assistance in order to dispose of that bottle. DO NOT open or shake the bottle if you see crystals. Carefully walk away, and make the tough call to get in the bomb squad. Better dealing with whatever punishment they give you (??) than to cremate yourself in an instant.

Also, ether can ignite from the static electricity from the action of pouring it out of the bottle ALONE. Yes. The shit can spontaneously combust in your face without warning. From now on, I will be ordering smaller bottles of ether, as a two litre bottle is just a death sentence waiting to happen.

Furthermore; ether is heavier than air, it will literally crawl along the ground and hunt for ignition points, such as a powerpoint or electric appliance.

Are we starting to grt an idea of how seriously dangerous this chemical is? Good; cause we arnt finished.

Ether can knock you out. It can make you unconscious is a matter of a few moments; if you spill a bottle, evacuate, do not try and clean it up; you could die.

All in all; less is more; If you guys never hear from me again, irs because I died trying to separate my ether into smaller bottles.

Andro; how old is your bottle of ether? Something to consider. Regards.