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Thread: Good books on meditation?

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    Good books on meditation?

    Does anyone know of any book/text on the practice of meditation, that possibly goes in depth? I have currently began meditating but it seems almost impossible to keep an empty mind or stay focused on one thing.

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    While I am not qualified to speak on the subject, this book has helped me a lot (I own a physical copy). Perhaps someone more qualified can vouch for it as well...

    "Raja Yoga"

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    Books wont help you progress. Practise will. In saying that; Franz Bardon's "Initiation into Hermetics" is BY FAR the best book I've ever read. Period. And it is centered mainky around in depth meditation.

    However I repeat; will teach you your capabilities, reading it will not make you any more capable. If your having trouble focusing, how aboit some brain herbs. Salmon also has a 'concentration' boosting effect.
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    I am the expert on all things meditation. I have been doing it as well as astral projecting for 10 years. There is a stage of the meditation that if one can reach, will heal all pain and aches and I believe this may be one of the most important natural processes that is not known. However the amount of healing is only equal to the amount of energy you have stored up, that energy is converted into a healing energy and distributed throughout the body. You cannot just eat a pizza and then go do this..the process is a secret however and I was tempted to write a book about it but I did not want to give it away too easily.

    Tip 1 for your focus problem. Do not meditate until at least 5 hours after your last meal, and take a shower before hand. Wear loose clothes and burn an incense or candles if you have any. Put on binaural beats (theta waves) and put a mental image of a place that you wish you could go to, make it a paradise of sorts. Imagine being there physically, and just use the entire meditation imagining what it feels like to walk around in 1st person in this place. This will keep your mind awake, your body will fall into sleep paralysis after 20-30 minutes usually which is the 1st step in the astral projection process. Mind awake, body asleep

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    Healing meditation, without needing a book:

    Just Be.
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