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If your glass is from china it will most likely crack. I go through flasks faster than condoms.

Good to know. Seems like I wouldn't want to use good glass like quartz though, unless I was certain that I needed to do it. Might pass on the beebalm dry-distilling and construct a metal contraption for such things. If I manage to dissolve a little copper, meh, no bigs. I'll be redistilling the biproducts anyway at some point. The other thing too is that it's such a fiddling small amount (about 1/8th of a mason jar as a fine powder) that it might not be worth it at this point. Let me break out my pot real quick and fire this sucker up.

I also learned that bee-balm tincture is frickin delicious. Six drops makes tea or beer or anything taste wonderful, leaves a minty aftertaste, and knocked me right out when I laid down last night. But I'll talk more about that when I do the next write-up on the experiment.