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Thread: One, Two, Three

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    Quote Originally Posted by Schmuldvich View Post
    "Sanguis Naturae".

    Book III in particular is fantastic.
    Thanks for that.

    I thought it was from "Sanguis Naturae", but my copy from
    Rex Research doesn't have the numbered paragraphs.

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    The copy from Rex is missing some end items, including the summary at the end and two other small treatises.

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    Quote Originally Posted by elixirmixer View Post
    I believe that Albert Einstein was a fony. Despite the fact that he worked at a patenting office and overlooked literally hundreds of inventions; he never invented anything himself.

    The Whole E=MC squared BS is already outdated in physics and has been replaced by that plumber guy who got in a massive battle with steven hawkins.

    Nikola Tesla described Albert Einstein as an "Intellectual Theif" and attributed his works to that of another man who i cannot recall his name.

    Also; electrons do not exist. There is no empirical evidence because hey; no ones ever seen an electron. Rather it is compression verses rarefaction where transverse electro-magnetic fields intersect in the longitudinal disection of "the ether" or perhaps better put "the zones of the lose of inertia"

    There is a terrible deception going on now called "quantum physics" which once again Albert Einstein self admittingly totally failed to understand. This "Cult of Bumping Particles" is reeeeally holding back new developments in technology, (thats the idea right)

    There is only one particle, a proton, which does lose and gain charge, fluctuating as protons and neutrons. They only exist because of the properties of magnetism, which open up the ether into both a precessional toroid and a reciprocating hyperboloid. This creates mass, which creates gravity. And gives the appearence of "solidity" in our 3D realm.

    There are NOT whole array of strange particles such as is being taught nowdays. Its all BS. I might like to also add that all of our greatest electrical theorists (Tesla, Steinmetz, Heaviside) all denied the existance of an electron, Tesla denouncing it as "an absurd notion".

    Dont believe everything they throatfuck you with

    Sounds very flat earth like, electric/magnetic "universe".

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    Far Side
    Ahh the axiom of Maria! Youve been around the block a bit I see Schmuldvich

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