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Thread: Hypnosis

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    Quote Originally Posted by Andro View Post
    Would you please elaborate your definition of those 4 states?

    If you feel it's off-topic, you can always create a new thread such as "The Four States of Consciousness", where we can discuss this further
    4 states of consciousness:
    1. Consciousness of ordinary man.
    2. Awareness of what is called as "Astral" in the West.
    3. Awareness of Mind (roughly speaking, it is also had a crude name "Mental" in the West).
    4. Awareness on Procreation Level.
    Third state of awareness has such perks as recognizing the fact that thoughts don't actually belong to you, it is illusion, you are just bystander, while thoughts are forming on their own. Most people are heavily deluded thinking that they think. Thoughts formed as Primal Words from Primal Sound. Then Primal Thoughts go through Primal Word state to Pure Energy, which forms "Astral" (perceivable in 2nd State), and condensated, I'd say - Highly Darkened and heavily Obscured, Form of that "Astral" is Matter (perceivable by 1st state, the lowest of 4).

    4th State of Awareness is the most clean state of existence, recognition of Ultimate Reality, the other 3 states are like 3 Veils of Obscuration of Primal State. In this Dark Epoch most people are totally blind, so they can only perceive Matter and produce malefic enthrophic emanations into higher spheres, basically marking this world as what can be named as highest Hell Sphere (there are also Lower Spheres, even more Darkened than this world). Current people have only slight glimpses of 2nd state of awareness in the dreams, but even that is a luxury for most people.

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    Thank you!

    I guess, if we ever continue this conversation, it will be on more 'private' channels

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    Quote Originally Posted by Andro View Post
    Thank you!

    I guess, if we ever continue this conversation, it will be on more 'private' channels
    For some reason I feel as if I managed to derail this thread or that I probably made someone upset, which never was my goal. ...My "private" channels here are open for any questions/conversations

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    You did not derail the conversation.
    You offered your understanding on the subject.
    An that is appreciated by me greatly.
    I am a corrupt dying ascetic. Often ignored. So! Your contribution is highly loved by me.

    To continue.
    From what I understand of legitimate hypnosis.
    It is manipulation of trance states.
    'Trance' in itself is an interesting concept.
    One which I havnt medically researched yet.
    From my understanding and what I am able to see the mind constantly fluctuates between trance states.
    In the simplest of terms a trance is a fixation of attention.
    Do you have a busy routine job? Ever zone out while doing your job? Zone out while driving home?
    (Zoning out and zoning in) are cliche words that describe a trance.
    I personally know what a trance feels like an can enter it at will.
    Hypnosis as I understand, in its legitimate form is the manipulation of trance states.
    Trance is a synonym for focused attention.
    More correctly fixed attention.
    *locked attention*.
    I once knew a professional skate bored individual.
    He said during big events, all else would drown out, an there would be nothing else but himself and the bored. ( in the zone).
    He fucked up one time and broke his back, he said he has not been able to enter that zone again.
    Take me I used to paint houses, pure routine. I would prep and paint houses while barley paying attention. That is also the zone of hypnosis.
    It is a trance state. If you know what a trance is, if you know the mind fluctuates through locked attention constantly. Fluctuating. You will be able to see other people enter and leave trances all day long.
    It is like a person who so focused on reading a book or watching a movie, they do not hear you call them the first time.

    Now, how deep can a trance go?
    Well in short sleep is a trance.
    The yogic method of Samadhi is nothing but a deep trance.
    Through steadying and focusing, the trance is deepened, until a pseudo sleep is attain. By pseudo sleep I mean all the senses come to one place. The entire sensory mind is coalesced. This is actually not very hard to do, it is very simple. Like leading a horse to a familiar water stream.

    There was talk about delusion.
    I will read the former posts a couple days ago so I do not remember.
    Yet. Hypnosis is not delusion.
    Well, it is in a sense.
    The mind in itself is pure delusion.
    For the mind only exists due to sensory experience.
    An through that self identification an many other things are had.
    When I speak of self hypnosis I am talking about efficient control of self and manipulation of self.
    Like I said, through simple focus you can make all sensory experience vanish an coalesced into one. That is easy!
    Yet there are many other ways to take advantage of yourself.

    Hm. I want more comments and opinions.
    Yet to end I will say this: consciousness is a sustained trance.
    It has two parts. Analytical and emotional.
    Analytical if developed is a great guardian.
    Yet how do you bypass a powerful guardian?
    Parables. Metaphors, similes and stories.

    That is why religion and cults are so influential.

    Captain and commander. The captain is analytical seeing all and analysing. Yet no one gets to the commander.
    Yet the commander has a weak spot for stories and parables and similies etc. He is a believer.
    You think you are the captian of your ship. Yet it is the commander who orders the captian around.
    You do not feel mad because you think you are mad.
    The heart is always stronger than the analytical mind.
    Yet the analytical mind guards the heart.
    Yet it can by bypassed.
    This is why religion works.

    In hypnosis we bypass the analytical mind and directly influence the emotional mind.
    I apologize I cannot think of the name for this part of the brain. It is the part connected to the vagus nerve.

    For little known, the vagus nerve is the golden thread if the fates, of life. Break your back an you will live. Cut the vagus nerve an nothing but death awaites you.

    Meditation is hypnosis.
    Hypnosis often has an inductor in the West yes.
    An used upon others is considered black magic.
    Easily done but not the issue.
    Self hypnosis, is simply control of trance of the own mind.
    This is Samadhi.
    This is avishkara and deity yoga.
    Very powerful practices if done consciously.
    Hell. To don't practice taiji. Yet I may create a thread on it, since it is so abused an practiced incorrectly so much.
    It is simple yet easily practiced. It takes a tiny bit of focus. Yet oh so very few teach it correctly.
    Anyway! My original point it. Occult practices and hypnosis have more in common than most know. Yet occult practices are so obscure. An hypnosis has been eh, studied and recognized to at least a minor degree. They are both in the same exact realm just used for different purposes.
    One is connected to old traditions and practices, the other is a western understanding of similar phenomena yet not utilized efficiently.
    Formerly known as Avaar186.

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    as recognizing the fact that thoughts don't actually belong to you, it is illusion, you are just bystander, while thoughts are forming on their own. Most people are heavily deluded thinking that they think.
    all mind is an illusion
    thoughts cannot be created or destroyed because you the self/character who is creating the thought does not exist

    they are deluded into thinking that they think
    that thought itself exists

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    Well shit. I had written some good shit then was hit by spyware an had to exit out of my browser. SO.
    I will explain nothing an try to be short. lol.

    So, I will simply attempt to stimulate conversation.

    Hypnosis is simply the western word for the physiological phenomena. This phenomena is the foundation of all tribal and eastern practices.

    Questions comments?

    Kibric. The mind is indeed an apparition. An impression.
    Yet it is conscious of itself.
    It sees itself, an it sees that others see themselves.
    An that others see them in this same way.

    Yet it is still an impression. Yet an impression of what?
    Well the consciousness is made up of the 5 senses. On average the mind is made and created through reflection of the 5 senses.
    A baby born without any of the 5 senses would be like a coma patient.
    We experience all we do through the senses.
    The senses are the medium between mind and the world.
    We cannot experience the world directly. We only experience what the senses allow.
    Extra sensory is being able to heighten, control, and mix the senses. Liberation from the world is simply cutting off all senses, so that only the created impression of the mind exists. Thus you experience the purity of yourself. Very few get to experience what it is like to exist purely without the world.
    This isn't actually hard to do. An it is very basic.
    In fact it is the very basic of basics.
    For instance why cant we create artificial intelligence?
    I am not pursuing engineering nor programming so I will give it away for free.
    Yet due me the credit if you steal please. I wish no money. Just credit so I may influence such projects.
    Now see. You cannot create a sentient independent consciousness through programming a mind.
    No no, it is much simpler. Human brain is simply capacity.
    Like a large capacitor.
    Anyway. The senses. From an ant to a chipmunk to a dog to a human. The only difference is capacity. Yet what is the same?
    They all have consciousness even though the capacity for it differs.
    Awareness is what we are trying to produce yes?
    Awareness is in the brain yes but not of it.
    awareness is a product of reflection of the senses.
    Formerly known as Avaar186.

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