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Thread: Stands and Clamps

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    Stands and Clamps

    Any recommended stands and clamps?

    I personally need heavyer stands as well as clamps made for bigger vessels.
    To be honest my chemical work has been on the back burner for some time.
    All of my money for the last 5 years has gone to family.
    Now that they are settled and independent I can start investing.

    I need very heavy stands and clamps capable of holding beyond 1000mm vessels.

    As well, I am unsure if they make extremly tall stands.
    I have amateur custom reflux design I wish to test. Although I could do it with normal stands, no matter.

    I do apologize for the stagnation of a couple posts I have on here. Those involving uv light. I simply did not have the funds to create artificial sunlight in a box. A path I do with to pursue in the future when funds become open. I work 70 hours a week, school full time out of pocket now. Yet, sometime this year I do intent do make an artificial sun box. Pics and measurements will be documented and posted in their appropriate posts.
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    For your purpose I can recommend microphone table stands like the k&m 23320 by König & Meyer.
    You won't have problems finding clamps. Don't forget clamp holders.

    If you have really heavy flasks I can recommend using two "normal" stands that you connect to each other with two rods and clamp holders. You can even use more connected stands if necessary.

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