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Thread: Moss Grows in the Winter

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    Moss Grows in the Winter

    I drove out to my property today, thinking about an apparent reference to Ciniquefoil in the literature "a plant that sprouts in the winter." Dead grass covered every opening, and wilted plants in the forest under trees void of their leaves.

    Only pines and other conifers were green, some greener than others, but then I noticed a patch of almost glowing grassy nature on the ground, and another, and another. I arrived at my gate, and there sat a stone in the way, about the size of a baseball, covered like the earth in the tiny sprouting moss of an emerald green color, each bit looking like the green bud that surrounds a flower.

    I just browsed some pictures, and Rock Cap moss caught my attention, so I hit up the Google. There was little in the way of medicinal uses, mostly this plant has been used historically for bedding and insulation, as well as wiping up, erm, messes. They have a super high rate of water absorbtion, so I'm glad to see them growing up around my hillside, because that can only help to prevent runoff on the forest floor (steep climb to the top of the hill). The only noteworthy medicinal purpose I can find is, diuretic, but there's plenty of those floating around the artificial world that they are hardly necessary.

    All the same. This disregarded matter caught my attention by being the only green thing on the ground, and at the same time, up close, they're quite lovely. I placed the rock carefully off to the side where the little guys can grow and spread. In that area of the country, the primary use for moss is stopping up leaky springs to direct water flow down a pipe. That's what all the shiners used it for anyway, in the old days.

    Anyone done a spagyric preparation with moss? I'm curious now, so I might make that a project next time I go to the woods. I was only there for a check-in today. I may just start with a simple tincture and see how I feel about it, though the medicinal site I did fine said that water brings out its qualities best.

    EDIT: Aparently, people have been ignoring these wonderful plants for far too long. I came across this study about antimicrobial and anti-cancer testing, with some other tidbits:
    This is one of the few "free" journal articles available, so expect some density to the text.
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