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I haven't done any further testing yet, but I did get one blackened mass from a simple reflux setup. I'm sure my next experiments with leafy greens when spring arrives will tell me more about whether this is a dead end or not, but I'm beginning to suspect there is some very active enzyme hiding in plant material that if properly extracted might be actionable on things outside of the plant kingdom. This isn't from reading, it's from doing, and there are a couple obvious texts on the cirulatum that I will need to revisit.

If the solvent was prepared and extracted, but you didn't have the prima materia, what kind of effects do you believe would be indicators? Perhaps suspend a certain metal inside and see if it gets eaten? Do you think the solvent can dissolve gold by itself, or that it would need this capability? Is that the test? Try it against a fiddling amount of gold to see if it will dissolve it?

Where would I look for multiplying it. Is it as simple as adding some more water and refluxing or distilling?

Just passing curiosities. Anyone is welcome to chime in with an opinion, even if it goes against the grain.
IMO, the answer is no. There are trace amounts of SM in all plants, uniting this with potash DOES make a volatile salt, although its quite difficult to get workable amounts from the plant itself. Best to have an external source of Spirit in the first place. The TRUE volatile salts of Tartar (the ones made from SM) does make an incredible solvent. And has strange and invigorating properties of its own, in its own right.

However, this will only work in the vegetable kingdom, it will never transmute shit into ice-cream, however, it will most definitely make the best medicines available in the vegetable kingdom.

The effort involved in...... wholly fuck....... you just made me realise something very very important......


Anyway... dont bother trying to get the solvent from plants. Its far from ideal and it cost me about $2000 worth of glassware to be able to properly perform that type of operation, which, operation ive never seen written anywhere, i had to develope the technique myself.

The plant handbook doesnt have anything that your looking for. Sure it describes an incredible plant solvent; however if you follow the protocol in the book it does not grant what its says that it does.

Sorry mate.