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Thread: The Dry Path of Alchemy

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dwellings View Post
    Also, I am amazed at our ability to turn what is a simple process into such a complicated mess that most do not know their way around it.
    Well, I'm glad at least one of us (you) knows his way around it. I'm not being sarcastic. If you know, I'm truly glad for you.

    Personally, I also have zero interest in complications, although I also have very little interest in the "Dry Path" as it is presented on this thread.

    According to other R+C texts, the "Wet Path" simply means using the sulfur of metallic gold, whereas in the "Dry Path", we use the Earth we have after completing the First Rotation (Ph. Mercury).

    ICH is quite explicit about this distinction, while Cyliani only hints at it, describing in his "Hermes Unveiled" only the path with metallic gold. "Recreations" does the same.

    It appears that in the Fulcanelli nomenclature, the "Dry Path" is closer to what you guys are discussing here...

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    Quote Originally Posted by True Initiate View Post
    That special something could lie in the special state of matter. A good illustration comes from Roger Caro in his cinnabar path:

    In the first picture we see that vapours in the flask are plasmatized. How could this be if KOH is used as a catalyst? Hard to imagine that KOH has the strength to turn sulphur vapour into the plasma state. There is something special about that flask...
    Yet another non-path, actually. A total dead-end. It's amazing how all these utter failures to produce anything remotely like the Stone are nowadays considered supposed "paths" by many too enthusiastic and empirically inexperienced seekers! In fact they are simply just the product of naive "interpretations" of alchemy which have only proven over and over how mistaken and out of touch with reality their authors were. The "acetate path", the "cinnabar path", the "amalgams path", the "antimony path", the "dew path", the "sea-water path", the "rain-water path", the "double cheese burger with bacon and French fries path", the "my brother's smelly old tennis shoes path", etc. Nonsense! Nothing but "stabs/shots in the dark" by failed dilettantes.

    First actual rule of alchemy: No Secret Solvent = No Philosophers' Stone. Period!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dwellings View Post
    I have a doubt. If we follow the dry path of antimony and end up with Green Lion after following the appropriate process. The next step involves Green Lion devouring the Sun.

    The problem here is the Sun does not like high temperatures. How do you resolve this problem?

    While in the wet path with gentle temperatures, this is a non issue.
    We will see if we manage to get our hands on the book but it is very hard to find.
    Formerly known as True Puffer

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