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Thread: Essential Oil Extraction

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    Quote Originally Posted by Amon View Post
    As for the Mercury i didn't mean to get an oil separation. I meant that i would use the Mercury to extract the oils and then use the Mercury/Sulfur liquor as it is.
    In my opinion worth of investigation, for sure. Others might disagree. Tinctures are awesome in their own right, so what I do is set aside the first 30-60 mL in amber bottles before I start the experimenting with the rest. I take a few drops of the tincture while working with the extracted material of the same species sometimes too, just to get me in the mindset. This is the method I used to make a jellyball type of extract from the salts and the refined liquor.

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    Wildfire Guest
    Okay guys I had a question about this. When making an elixir can you use the hydrosols as well? I was hoping it is okay to reduce the hydrosols after the oil is collected (reduced to a phlegm) and cohobated with the salt and have the oil that you obtained on the other end also cohobated with the salt. Do you think it'd work?

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    Hydrosols are great to do the final washings of your salt, when practising spagyrics, yes. However you might have to try and wait until they dry off before using the essential oil, as the oil will just float ontop of the hydrosols as per usual. (IMO)
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    Wildfire Guest
    Do you suggest letting the hydrosols evaporate naturally or slowly heat it on fire? And how dry should they be? Thanks elixirmixer

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