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Thread: The Secret Solvent

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    Quote Originally Posted by JDP View Post
    On the contrary, it makes the use of "decknamen" very necessary if you don't want most people to figure it out. If you write about it in 100% plain & clear language, with all the proper names and proportions of the substances involved, then pretty much anyone except retarded people would be able to replicate it sooner or later.
    Without revealing our Matter, the properties of our Universal Solvent are written about in 100% plain and clear language, yet confusion and misunderstanding by nearly everyone discussing this seems to be the norm.

    It is absolutely astounding how fundamental concepts such as this can be discussed for 21 pages with so many wildly variations and differing viewpoints.

    Quote Originally Posted by Phyllobius View Post
    Thank you very much for this digest.

    Damn it was to thank schmudvich for his digest on the first page of the thread.
    Happy to help! It is encouraging to hear what I take time to type doesn't fall on deaf ears.

    The mods only allow posts to be edited for 3 days, so I am unable to go back and add this to the original post.

    Another wonderful elucidation from "Recreations Hermetique", this time regarding our Universal Solvent described here clearly in few words.

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    Mod Post

    Quote Originally Posted by Schmuldvich View Post
    The mods only allow posts to be edited for 3 days
    24 hours, actually. Used to be 3 days in the past, but threads were losing coherence faster than you could type new posts. Indefinitely open editing windows also lead to what happened on the (now defunct?) N.D.C. forum, were entire posts and threads just vanished. So there's good reason for a limited editing window, and you can always add more info in a later post, like you just did.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Schmuldvich View Post

    Another wonderful elucidation from "Recreations Hermetique", this time regarding our Universal Solvent described here clearly in few words.

    Indeed, a very important paragraph, @Schmuldvich! That is one of the reasons why I said earlier that Hermetic Recreations is one of the most revealing texts that I have come across. Fulcanelli borrowed a lot of his ideas from the treatise.

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    hi all

    Dickinson and Hermetic Recreations etc

    to understand the dickinson method for create the secret solvent svp etc which is also cited as Schmuldvich has well indicated to us who is also in hermetic recreations
    MUST BE DONE imho (advice as I always say and indicate in many od my post in it) a careful and thorough study and reading of the prodromo in book 5 of the weidenfeld

    in inglish

    in latin

    my best regard
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    EDIT: I deleted the original question to the moderators of whether or not it was appropriate to be quoting/raising a post from the very beginning of the thread but I now realize of course this is fine. Especially as it is on-topic imo.

    Something Kiorionis wrote on page two post #11; I would like to share some thoughts about this.

    "Based off my theoretical research, the secret solvent ought to exist in all things, because it ”dissolves” all things. Or dissolves into them. Also, being incombustible, it should be driven out of matter when that matter goes through combustion; though not being the only thing driven out. Of course this is looking at things from the bottom up.

    From this, I’m hypothesizing that when plant matter is burnt, it blackens because the solvent is first set to work before being driven out. Either this, or Fire is the secret solvent. An incombustible thing which opens and “dissolves” all things. "~ Kiorionis

    I think you might be right on both fronts?

    "We have told you that the Universal spirit endowed with an unerring Instinct, working by the most simple and nearest way, it has, also, besides its already mentioned conspicuous qualities, two occult powers, viz: attracting and repulsing" ~The golden chain, I quote this because Fire as the secret solvent makes sense. One of the two forces is centrifugal or radiating,expansive It dissolves all things by its vibratory action (imagine standing in front of a star, not as a planetary body but as a human "dust in the solar wind" would certainly occur), or it spreads its fire into them raising their vibration. For example with common fire if you stand near by its radiating expansive heat will dissolve into you and raise your temperature. I do not see why natures innate fire could not follow a similar expression. The more volatile something is the more energetic it is and it becomes capable of drastically changing what it comes in contact with. When separated out of a specified thing the substance left behind is devoid of fire which becomes somewhat hungry for it. (the dual nature of mercury)

    It also mentions somewhere in the golden chain that sunlight is a form of subtil spiritus mundi.

    Its Light/Fire in its manifested state according to this text. I think that "our mercury" all has the same passenger, agent / ingredient but likely in different amounts or levels of manifestation. Bringing pure non-physical universal fire into your presence with no magnet or matrix or anything using BRAINWAVES and FAITH?! or the merkabah? there is not a one size fits all manual for this! would look different then what you may extract out of dew, golden water, soil or a plant. I think that you can get a spirit in the lab from the most volatile portions of some minerals, earth/soil and properly prepared vegetable and animal substances that will dissolve gold. I think if you work with the universal spirit, outside of time/space directly you probably do not even need to have a physical secret solvent to do such. In regards to this fire pre manifestation in its non material and invisible state I have an observation on something that I read NOT experienced. I quote the very beginning of the golden chain:

    "Nature comprehends the visible and invisible Creatures of the Whole universe. What we call Nature especially, is the universal fire or Anima Mundi, filling the whole system of the Universe, and therefore is a Universal Agent, omnipresent, and endowed with an unerring instinct, and manifests itself in fire and Light. It is the First creature of Divine Omnipotence.
    Chapter 2
    How all things proceed therefrom.
    Thus God created first this invisible fire and endowed it with an unerring Instinct and a Capacity to manifest itself in 3 Principles. (the world)
    1. In its Original most Universal state it is perfectly invisible, immaterial, cold and occupies no space, in this tranquil state it is of no use to us, yet in this unmoved state it is omnipresent
    The blue was my addition.

    One of the very first things the author tells us in the golden chain is that the universal fire in its non-material state has an unerring instinct. It can easily choose who it should reveal it self too or at what pace. It can be present in any tincture or extract or distillate or whatever in various levels of manifestation. If you can call it forth and .. hmm what to write here? There are different "levels" of alchemy right?

    Ersatz or something,
    and the adept level one.
    I might have that order wrong.

    I think a true secret solvent should be very fiery, I think there is a physical version which is a "water you wouldn't want to wet your hands with"
    And I think there is a non-physical Secret solvent referred to as mercury which acts on its subjects in various degrees of manifestation.

    Lots of thinking going on so my apologies for that,
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    The secret solvent must be able to dissolve any substance in our mercury, forming an amalgam, which must be married to the sulfur itself in a salt, but it will only do this if the matter has been previously prepared.

    Anything can become a low-level alkahest with solve et coagula, but only something can become "The" alkahest

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