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Thread: Cauda Pavonis (Peacock's Tail)

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    Cauda Pavonis (Peacock's Tail)

    The tail of the peacock cauda pavonis is mentioned numerous times throughout Alchemical texts. The peacock's tail is mentioned as coming after the Black Stage (Putrefaction) which is often referred to as a crow/raven or death. When looking at an actual peacock's tail we are able to see that out of the darkness of its feathers vibrant multicolored circles emerge!

    In the following images from different manuscripts the colorful peacock is observed connected to the black crow/raven...

    Why is this?

    What does this colorful peacock look like inside our flask?


    "The Mirror Of Alchemy" by Roger Bacon, 1250

    Whereupon one says, So many colors, so many names. According to the diverse colors appearing in the work, the names likewise were varied by the Philosophers: whereon, in the first operation of our stone, it is called putrifaction, and our stone is made black. There appears also before whiteness the peacock's color, whereon one says thus, Know you that all the colors in the world, or that may be imagined, appear before whiteness, and afterward true whiteness follows.

    "Twelve Gates" by George Ripley, 1471

    Black with false citrine, imperfect white and red
    The Peacocks feathers in colours gay, the Rainbow which shall overgo
    The spotted panther, the lion Green, the crows bill blue as lead
    These shall appear before thee perfect white and many other more

    "An Open Entrance To The Closed Palace Of The King" by Philalethes, 1667

    The Reign of Mars begins with a light yellow, or dirty brown colour, but at last exhibits the transitory hues of the Rainbow, and the Peacock's Tail. At this stage the compound is drier, and often shews like a hyacinth with a tinge of gold. The mother being now sealed in her infant's belly, swells and is purified, but because of the present great purity of the compound, no putridness can have place in this regimen, but Some obscure colours are chief actors, while some middle colours come and go, and they are pleasant to look on. Our Virgin Earth is now undergoing the last degree of its cultivation.

    "The Quintessence Of The Philosophers" by Theodorus Mundanus, 1683

    As from the Blackness seen in the beginning, they call it a crow, Black lead, Pitch, and any other thing that is under a black colour. From the Whiteness which from a further coction it acquires to itself the name of the Swan, White Lead and other things that by nature are Whiteish, from the divers colours which by intermediate vicisitudes appear, it is called the Peacocks Tail, the rainbow and the tide.

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    The peacock's tail is mentioned as coming after the Black Stage (Putrefaction) which is often referred to as a crow/raven or death
    What have you observed with your matter after putrefaction ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kibric View Post
    What have you observed with your matter after putrefaction ?
    I have witnessed the Light coming out of Darkness.

    What have you observed happens to your Matter after Putrefaction?

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