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Thread: Freedom is madness

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    Freedom is madness

    I post this rant in the Shamanism section of the forum for good reason...

    Sometimes it feels like I live my life with my foot on the breaks, because if I did not keep my foot there I would tumble into the the abyss of complete insanity. Of course this insanity I speak of is really very sane... the insanity aspect is relative, but in an insane world the sane seem insane. We have all heard this phrase before I think.

    But even so, perhaps I would still be insane because I find EVERYTHING pathetic. Everything is annoying. Everyone is a fucking moron. This might sound like some asshole who thinks he knows everything, but NO that is not the case at all. Quite the opposite. The most pathetic, annoying and moronic thing with the world right now is the fact that everyone thinks they know shit. Nobody knows fuck all. We are like toddlers adrift in the infinite cosmos of chaos.

    The trivial is what rules the world. The sinister and violent acts that are committed daily around the globe are ignored, apart from maybe clicking "like" or something. Social and cultural structures are funny, complete jokes as far as I am concerned. Governments, laws, regulations and religions are completely irrelevant. The fact that some aspects of the world are viewed as powerful is ludicrous considering that they have really no substance, no true physical manifestation (apart from buildings) and no reason to exist. And it seems most people lack balls.

    All of the above makes life hard to live, especially when close friends and family also fall for these traps. I am aware, and somewhat skilled, in playing the game... playing along... in order to make it easy to proceed in this joke of life that society (and State) seem to advertise. But I really want to 100 % let go, and just dive into complete madness.

    I want to piss where I want. Right in the middle of the bank. I want to lay down in the middle of Town Square and masturbate. I want to smoke weed outside a day care and watch the children play (and maybe join in). I want to be able to slap anyone in a uniform, with the same attitude as you would slap the ass of a donkey to make it move out of the way. I want to say cunt in my prayers when I kneel by the altar in the Church. I want to...

    This is madness.

    But it would be complete sanity and freedom, because freedom is living free... and I am not saying that I should be free to hurt or vandalise anything... the reason I just think it would be funny to walk into an Apple store with a baseball bat and smash everything is more from the fact that I feel trapped. I want to express the freedom to do what the fuck I want. If I indeed was free to do what I want, then I don't think I would have such an urge.

    To have a free mind is great. A free mind can overcome a lot of bullshit, but it does wear you down when that freedom is restricted in the physical realm; a realm that is not real anyway. Perhaps that is why they say ignorance is bliss? LOL.

    Nothing has value that can be bought. Nothing is important unless it has value.

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    Donít let the delusion of reality confuse you regarding the reality of the illusion.

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