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Thread: What is Kundalini?

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    Quote Originally Posted by solomon levi View Post
    "More rigid definitions doesn't make them more true." - solomon levi
    Still, defining "dog" in a way that cats fit into the definition as well, won't make cats into dogs.
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    I see here on the western kundalini views
    What about translantions original estern texts? Like Sat chakra nirupana, Paduka panchaka, Shiva samhita, Gheranda samhita, Kalicharana e.t.c......................
    In the east, the original yogis there are two different spiritual path, but I think something similar shows even tarot.
    But, there are a path of development and a path of return. Development into spiritual worlds and return into Paramatman, Nirvana, Bythos..........
    In the East do awaken of kundalini yogis, they want to end the cycle of life
    Yogis, they want a better life in spiritual worlds do another practices.
    Se a taoists alchemy book, translantion by R. Willhelm, The secret of the golden flower. Opening of the Heart chakra.

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    Perhaps some insight (via Cymagick) into the deep connections of the double serpent like spiralling energy of the Kundalini.

    I was marked by the re-occurrence of this double-wave-line type pattern in the Cymatic plates. In Egyptian symbolism, the snake brings knowledge; it is a way of alerting you to the idea of something profoundly meaningful. Or perhaps, alerting you to the power of its own profound meaning. The snake is also said to represent 'the vibration' the sine wave and perhaps the most important single concept behind life the universe and everything. This double-wave-line is the Hieroglyph and Headdress of Neith mother of Ra, it is also as predicted by string theorists the primary building block at all matter at a sub atomic level. The parallels are endless from the double helix of DNA, the building block of genetics to the energy flow of Kundalini to the caduceus of Hermes, the symbols, snakes and symmetries of the Shamans, Maori, Celts, Sufis through to modern day graphic symbolism (as seen on the logos of apothecaries, pharmacies across the world)

    an example of the cymatic pattern at the very beginning of this video

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