So, here I am, full circle. I never did the melissa ens thing. Number one, I'm not waiting around for some potash to deliquesce to the point of dissolving itself (I realize that it will be attraction some other things with it in the dew, yes, chemically and spiritually)

Anyway, I was sitting around looking at my current experiments, and I realize I've come full circle, even if I didn't start the process to begin with. I'm just curious if anyone has accidentally dried their "ens oil" to the point where it formed a solid, and what it looked like. Greenish black lump of greasy solid that stains everything it touches by chance?

Anyway, I haven't made a contribution in a while, and few of my experiments are doing much other than being, well, experimental. Anyway, I figured out a new way to make a spagyric tincture, and I've been perfecting the method, and finally met some success, so I wanted to share it, because the effects are pretty decent and I need some corroboration.

And I know you fuckers have plenty of tinctures laying around to sacrifice (I mean that in the nicest way possible)

Take your regular tincture, any tincture, though medicinal ones would be best (maybe even melissa). You need to add some water to it. The more special, the more better, but here's the trick, it needs to have some salties in it. I've been successful with distilled water saturated with NaCl, but I'm sure you guys can come up with some other stuff that's better Sorry, can't give you ALL of my recipes.

side note: you may want to add the water first, digest for a week, filter, and then the salt, but it's up to you. If you don't do that part with black pepper you will have a lot of piperine in your final product, just saying.

let the watered down salted tincture clarify for at least 2 days, preferably 3 to a week. It should still be over 35%ABV so you are good on shelf life. The Earth will separate from the "Fire," and it can be collected by filtering or decanting the fluid portion.

Take fresh alcohol (or distill off the airy portion of the leftover tincture and use that) and add a little bit. TINY amounts. Circulate in the flask and let it sit for a day, repeat, until the new Mercury (the green lion) has eaten all of the earth that it will. It may not eat it all, so watch the color and the amount of solid in the bottom carefully.

This wonderful green solution (mostly chlorophyll, I believe) is a gorgeous emerald green if you used a green plant to make your tincture. I've also seen it bright yellow like the sun. My latest test was with plaintain, as I'm familiar with the effects of the plant's "true Sulphur" (again, my opinion) and the green tincture didn't disappoint. I believe this green oil/liquor has some great qualities, it's easy to prepare, and it's a particular treasure. Basically the best part of the tincture with none of the other dross.

I've had this beauty on my desk for a week, marveling at it, and then stumbled across the ens process again. Looked at my own process, back at the ens process (the "internet ens" as I call it) and I can't help but notice similarities.

I read somewhere that if the melissa oil is frozen, you can separate crystals from the liquor. Is this true? Anyone tried it? I might toss my little green monster in the freezer and see what it does, which would be another interesting comparison between the two substances.

Unlike people insisting on melissa herb though, I believe this liquid is common across all plants of similar species, just as the salts of plants are common in similar species, and if that's right, I believe this is a universal "tincture" (infusion, et al, not The Elixir) of the vegetable kingdom, and I'm plopping it up here for everyone to have.

I believe it can be made even better with a different salt and "better" water, but straight up NaCl and distilled/deionized gets the job done. I honestly don't know why this isn't a thing already.