Just thought it was interesting that they all picked the Sun as the focus of their flags... most flags in the world (with very few exceptions) have rectangular squares in various colors or crosses or lines.

In a sense, to me, this is a psychological symbol of the mentality of "modern" man; squared, crucified or within lines.

Indigenous flags use the circle i.e. the Sun... this shows another kind of psychology... one that I prefer.

There is one modern country that I can think of that uses the circle as well... but that country stems from a "sort of" indigenous culture, cut off from the rest of the world for a long time... and a culture that in a sense is somewhat "pagan" or "shamanic", namely the realm of the Samurai.

Also Korea has a circle, as does the European Union... and this last flag is more a stupid concept of the unity of nations i.e. just a circle and not any Cosmic Tribute (unless you view the stars as cosmic, but I don't).