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Thread: DMT is the Stone

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    More evidence in above book (author on my podcast in May) that the Stone was DMT or something like it. Some compelling evidence made. Get the book or wait for the interview... I'm not here to do your work.

    Donít let the delusion of reality confuse you regarding the reality of the illusion.

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    As above, so below. How plants grow is how humans grow inwardly. How does a plant grow? Just look at it. At any instant, it looks static. But really it has to "make a decision" at every instant, otherwise you would get an orange tree out of an apple seed. This never happens because nature follows the seed so meticulously. It has to be an instantaneous instruction, otherwise things will go wrong further down the line.

    So with humans. We have to work on ourselves at every instant. There needs to be an intention behind everything we do. Don't just walk to the park "for the sake of it". Walk to keep yourself fit to be able to carry out your responsibilities in life. People underestimate this "calculus" approach to life, where we only focus on our instantaneous intention. But really this is the main principle behind Sufism. Eventually this awareness takes on a life of its own and it becomes a state which keeps getting stronger. You then gain power to change your actions. (I am aware that this can sound hard to believe for those who haven't experienced it.)

    So based on this view of "spiritual alchemy" (which is as far from super powers and spiritual visions as can be, but I like to take the view that nature is simple and that our spiritual vision really at the end of the day is the "vision" we have of our thoughts, which are hidden from everyone else), I like to think of the philosopher's stone as turmeric. Turmeric is the only 100% safe substance (as in even children can take it) that lends my life this awareness needed to change. It is hard to describe its effect really. One experiences a subtle spiritual glow inwardly alongside a clarity of thought and an inward peace that creates the perfect environment for the awareness that is needed to be present in each and every action. One could say it is a packaged form of meditation. You can do meditation or take turmeric. Probably both are needed but that's my take on it anyway. Very unromantic/unglamorous, but as Sendivogius once said

    "Simplicity is the seal of nature".

    (Note: I am not in any way saying that turmeric *is* the stone. I know that the stone is a dark-red powder that is only produced through the processes of alchemy.)

    Edit: I forgot to mention something which I feel is very important. Dates (the dried fruit) is the only other thing I have found that has the same effect. But in this day and age of overuse of sugar, it leads to more harm than good for regular consumers in my opinion. Turmeric is like a substitute for dates. To my knowledge, this comparison between the two does not exist in the literature. Both are heating at first and then alkalizing. Both purify the blood. Both lead to that inward spiritual glow I was talking about. They are almost identical, except that one is round, soft and sweet and the other is a root. Very interesting stuff if you ask me!

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    Ok, I actually don't know why I wrote "the only thing" regarding turmeric above. It does have a special effect, no doubt, but in general it seems that keeping your body cool is actually the way to go. Dates, peppermint, green tea, turmeric, etc. But not e.g. ginger.

    Being hot and dry is bad for spirituality, as anyone who has gone deep enough into the path will know. One needs to stay cool. But personally I like to think that one can be hot during the day and cool at night, when spiritual gifts are more likely to descend. So you could say my actual view is that, in terms of the physical, staying cool is the "stone".

    We must remember that man was made from soft clay. He is meant to be soft and mouldable. After all, that is the only way in which work on the stone can even begin. On the other hand, demons and satan are made of fire - the dry sort rather than the luminous spiritual essence of which the angels are made. You can't mould clay that has been baked hard by the latter type of fire.

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