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I disagree. As I said, I'm already reasonably proficient at moving said nonexistent ass energy around my body. Sure it doesn't necessarily give me psychic abilities at this stage, but it certainly doesn't hurt. I do tend to be an all-round happier, healthier person when I am "turning the wheel" as you all say.

I have seen martial artists do some pretty amazing things, which would have only been possible if they had some type of "energy" going on.

Also, the more you practise, the easier it gets. The more you practise white tantra, the easier it gets to enjoy sex without ejaculation.

I have a sense, that there are in fact two secret energies in the body. I'll call them Sol and Luna for now. Sol is activated through this type of sexual meditation, and Luna is achieved through fasting or other detox inducing activities. Sol is the fire. Luna is the water. I have no idea what would happen if I achieved both of these simultaneously, but I suspect something great!
My gift to you is that energy moves down your spine, do with this gift as you will.