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Concerning the Double-slit experiment there are much simpler explanations as well like a reflection!


Many Quantum miracles can be explained with Electromagnetic retardation.
Look into Quantum entanglement and Quantum teleportation. The world as a whole has two choices as I see it and that includes modern scientists and Alchemists alike. You can either embrace what the Quantum field tells us and use it for your own advantage and your own understanding of how things tick or you can fight against it, use any excuse imaginable to fight its findings and data and deny that it exists - continuing with your own belief system.
As for myself as an individual, I cannot tell people which path to take, I can only report and advise people as to what has actually been discovered in Quantum mechanics.
At the end of the day we are all individual characters. Each; as Anton Wilson explains has their own respective reality tunnel from which they perceive truth and reality. We build our own reality tunnel based on what our own individual character allows us to accept as truth and what not to accept as truth. there is no real vantage point from which to view reality that is not partly affected by what our own neurology tells us.
Sometimes it is of advantage to take others reality and combine it with our own and sometimes it isn't. Only you as an individual can decide that.