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Thread: The mathematics and principles of transmutations from Sodium to Gold.

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    I don't think it needs to be exactly 308.5C but i think i saw him waving with something in the hand like laser temperature sensor if i am not mistaken. He offers a little bit more information in an article on his website and goes into detailed study of Franz Tausend process which is a known alchemist on this forum.
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    Alexander Putney
    him history and him web it is strange an give a very strange cosmical etc interpretation and put in him web about it some very strange him research about it
    but in this him web there are some interesting indication about him experiment in him strange method he use in alchemy and about him geyser reactor and also there are strange but interesting reseachs about on one strage lightwater that the Putney call in him book celestial water. This Water celestial that for him he call so it comes from some special springs located near special places that for the ancients are places sacred near temples, pyranids etc.
    And this Lightwater or as he say celestila water it is very rich of protium .
    Water rich of portium that as he say and write can cure many problems and that as he say give a some connection spiritual whit the cosmos etc,etc.
    Water very rich of protium that he say it he have found in one important maya source in equador (in him book pdf etc he say that similar stranges waters thre are in some places sacred for the ancient in the world ) and bout all these research he give and have in him web some link interesting etc here the list of him bibliography him writtes pdf mp3 etc

    so my opinion he is a very strange personage but is good analized deep some of the him researchs

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    Quote Originally Posted by Andro View Post
    I wonder, how does he achieve this sort of temperature control precision with common wood fire?

    (In the document, the required temperature is actually 308.5C)
    Since I'm not the first one necroposting in recent memory on this thread, I'll add that the results are very easily falsifiable with a basic, garage tech sputter coater. The tiniest speck of gold could replicate the result, and we haven't seen the changes in sheen in real time. A portion of the video shows the copper plate transitioning to a darker hue over a small wood fire, but copper does exactly that when heated, before getting anywhere near its melting point.

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    Is nav2010 referring to the Kalgoorlie region?

    "It has baffled many people for many years and a study was done on the actual sand of that particular desert and it was found to be rich in a particular metal and a particular Quartz."

    Not the first person online I've seen speculate about the lightning strikes. Also the third person mentioning lightning strikes as being the cause in Australia.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nav2010 View Post
    In this study I will show how Carbon and Oxygen become donor particles in the transmutation of Sodium to Copper, from Copper to Silver and finally from Silver to Gold.
    I will show the mathematical relationship of all three processes, neutron and density characteristics too.
    Transmutation one
    Firstly we take Sodium and observe that it has the following characteristics:
    Density 22.99
    Mass 11
    Electron configuration 2 8 1
    Neutrons 12
    Density 63.5
    Mass 29
    Neutrons 35
    Electron valance 2 8 18 1
    We see that there is exactly 18 missing from the mass of Sodium to the mass of Copper and a Neutron difference of 23.

    Now the excitement begins, we are going to use Carbon as our donor atom in the transmutation of Sodium to Silver. The reason we are using it because we don't need to break any rules of thermodynamics in order for our Carbon experiment to take place, 3 Carbon atoms is EXACTLY the mass we need so here goes.
    Carbon mass of 3 atoms is 18
    Density of the 3 atoms is 36.03
    Our newly created atom of Copper now has an Electron valance of 2 8 18 1
    It's mass is 29
    It's density is 59 (4.5 short of actual copper)
    It's Neutrons total 31 (4 short of actual copper)
    I want you to take special note that the shortage in density is a similar number to the shortage in Neutrons, we will talk about this later.
    Transmutation two
    We will now go from Copper to Silver:
    Mass 29
    Density 63.5
    Neutrons 35
    Electron valance 2 8 18 1
    Mass 47
    Density 107.8
    Neutrons 61
    Electron valance 2 8 18 18 1
    We see that again there is 18 difference between the mass of Copper and the Neutron difference is 26
    After our transmutation using 3 Carbon atoms we see that our new Silver atom is thus
    Mass 47
    Electron Valance 2 8 18 18 1
    Density 99.5 (8 short of actual silver)
    Neutrons 53 (8 short of actual silver)
    Do you see a pattern emerging? The shortage of density and Neutrons has doubled from the first experiment.
    Transmutation three
    From Silver to Gold:
    Mass 47
    Density 107.8
    Neutrons 61
    Electron valance 2 8 18 18 1
    Mass 79
    Density 197
    Neutrons 118
    Electron valance 2 8 18 32 18 1
    For this experiment we can no longer use Carbon as the donor atom. The Mass required is an increase of 32 which is the mass difference between Silver and Gold. Carbon does not fit as a denominator so Oxygen with a mass of 8 is the candidate being a perfect denominator of 32. So we use 4 Oxygen atoms
    Mass 8
    Density 16
    Neutrons 8
    Electron configuration 2 6
    After our transmutation we see our newly formed Gold atom:-
    Mass 197
    Electron valance 2 8 18 32 18 2
    Density 171 (25 short of actual Gold)
    Neutrons 93 (25 short of actual Gold)
    The amazing reality of transmutation in the Sodium-Gold chain is that the missing number of Neutrons is ALWAYS equal to the missing density mathematically in Carbon/Oxygen donor configurations.
    This means that the Neutron density of Sodium, Copper, Silver and Gold is equal to one.
    In the first transmutation we are missing 4 neutrons and 4 in density.
    In the second we were missing 8 neutrons and 8 in density.
    In the third we were missing 25 neutrons and 25 in density.
    For us to understand how the process continues so that each respective atom acquires the correct number of neutrons to be stable we must establish the manor in which it does acquire such Neutrons and the mass of those Neutrons is equal to the density required. Since Carbon and Oxygen Neutrons are not dense enough Neutron for Neutron then the Neutrons can only come from the Sodium-Gold chain itself whose Neutrons are dense enough.
    This in actual fact begins with the Hydrogen-Lithium chain before it reaches the Sodium-Gold chain and here is what I believe is the sequence:-
    When you transmute Sodium to Copper, the reaction removes Sodium Neutrons from Sodium and reverts that atom back to Lithium and uses the Neutrons to make up the short fall (4). When you transmute Copper to Silver, the reaction removes Copper Neutrons from Copper and reverts that atom back to Sodium and uses the Neutrons to make up the difference (8). When you transmute Silver to Gold the reaction removes Silver Neutrons from Silver and reverts the atom back to Copper then again uses the available Neutrons to make up for the shortage of Neutrons in Gold (25)
    The reason that you cannot go straight from Sodium to Gold is that the entire process is dependent on the amount of available Carbon and Oxygen and available Neutrons triggered in the reaction so that each transmutation between each element is a unique event that must be proceeded by other unique events.
    The OP obviously assumes here that transmutation happens by a process of 'cold fusion'. While there is reason to believe that that phenomenon exists, I suppose that alchemical transmutation of a metal into silver or gold by the action of the white or red elixir is not the result of direct rearrangement of nucleons. Rather, the metal that the Stone is projected on will return to the state of prime matter first before taking on the nature of one of the noble metals.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Michael Sternbach View Post
    will return to the state of prime matter first before taking on the nature of one of the noble
    I have selectively quoted you, because these are the universal mechanics of true transformation (as I see it) - not just alchemical, but personal, societal, etc... The subject to be transmuted/transformed must pass to a phase of "re-incrudation". Otherwise, the underlying "disease" still remains. The hard drive must be "wiped clean" (so to speak) before installing a higher-level OS. For Windows users, it would be like installing Windows 7 without first removing Windows Vista... For Shamanic users, it would be like receiving one's initiation without first being torn apart and devoured by wolves

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