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Thread: The mathematics and principles of transmutations from Sodium to Gold.

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    I don't think it needs to be exactly 308.5C but i think i saw him waving with something in the hand like laser temperature sensor if i am not mistaken. He offers a little bit more information in an article on his website and goes into detailed study of Franz Tausend process which is a known alchemist on this forum.
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    Alexander Putney
    him history and him web it is strange an give a very strange cosmical etc interpretation and put in him web about it some very strange him research about it
    but in this him web there are some interesting indication about him experiment in him strange method he use in alchemy and about him geyser reactor and also there are strange but interesting reseachs about on one strage lightwater that the Putney call in him book celestial water. This Water celestial that for him he call so it comes from some special springs located near special places that for the ancients are places sacred near temples, pyranids etc.
    And this Lightwater or as he say celestila water it is very rich of protium .
    Water rich of portium that as he say and write can cure many problems and that as he say give a some connection spiritual whit the cosmos etc,etc.
    Water very rich of protium that he say it he have found in one important maya source in equador (in him book pdf etc he say that similar stranges waters thre are in some places sacred for the ancient in the world ) and bout all these research he give and have in him web some link interesting etc here the list of him bibliography him writtes pdf mp3 etc

    so my opinion he is a very strange personage but is good analized deep some of the him researchs

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    Quote Originally Posted by Andro View Post
    I wonder, how does he achieve this sort of temperature control precision with common wood fire?

    (In the document, the required temperature is actually 308.5C)
    Since I'm not the first one necroposting in recent memory on this thread, I'll add that the results are very easily falsifiable with a basic, garage tech sputter coater. The tiniest speck of gold could replicate the result, and we haven't seen the changes in sheen in real time. A portion of the video shows the copper plate transitioning to a darker hue over a small wood fire, but copper does exactly that when heated, before getting anywhere near its melting point.

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