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Thread: The Gospel of the Shroom

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    The only tree in Ireland that fits with the tale of Maeldun I posted above ie "These trees were somewhat like hazels...and not very different in appearance from apples, except that they had a rough, berry-like rind" is the strawberry tree Arbutus unedo . Lets remember the large apples you are used of today are much larger then the wild crab apples the ancients would have eaten.

    Arbutus unedo's leaves have been employed in traditional and folk medicine in the form of a decoction having the following properties: astringent, diuretic, urinary anti-septic, antiseptic, intoxicant, rheumatism, tonic, and more recently, in the therapy of hypertension and diabetes
    I suspect an intoxicating honey mead was made with the fruits and other parts of the tree.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Awani View Post
    I stand by my claim regarding phd-degrees... it is illusionary and in fact Universities were initially invented to provide loyal administrators to further the agenda of the Rulers. So fuck them!

    Just because you have a degree does not mean you know anything. It does not mean you do not know something, but this kind of bow your head and worship something a phd muppet says is - to me - ridiculous. I have for years now said that I want to get a phd myself, ONLY... only so I can write a book called "phd is bullshit". Because, ironically, no one will believe me unless I have one myself.

    @ 0:38
    Went to school at U. of Hell
    Favorite course was kill & tell
    Graduated head of class, majored in kickin' ass
    Did hard time to get my Master
    Wrote the book on personal disaster
    I don't need no PhD to be a doctor of fuckin' misery

    @ 3:26
    Cruise the streets on a hustle
    Show 'em what's up, flex some muscle
    Whacked out mind on a roll, leavin' behind a violent toll
    Don't take no chemist to understand the equation
    An AK47, a little persuasion
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    I got a degree, and now I'm beautiful


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