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Thread: The Hermit

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ghislain View Post
    So anything on film must be real then as anyone with medium to store and play it can reproduce it.

    Dmitri Mendeleev predicted some properties of unidentified elements that were expected to fill gaps within the periodic table of elements when no one could prove their existence. Most of his forecasts proved to be correct.

    The weird stuff just hasn't been proved yet. Keep an open mind.

    False analogy: the film itself and its contents are indeed very real, what is portrayed in them is a different thing, though, as it can just be fiction stories that never really happened.

    Operative word here being "most", because his "predictions" also had flops. "Predictions" = hit-or-miss

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ghislain View Post
    So anything on film must be real then as anyone with medium to store and play it can reproduce it.
    Especially snuff films.

    Donít let the delusion of reality confuse you regarding the reality of the illusion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Luxus View Post
    I believe in the ancestors also for example I am from an Irish background and I know my ancestors were Druids, I also know some of these Druids accomplished Imbas (enlightenment) and that they are spiritual masters. I am linked to them by blood and you Mr black are linked to your ancestors by your blood so it is entirely possible you met one of your enlightened ancestors who has taken an interest in you.
    How very true this could be Mr. Luxus.

    For many years after my encounters with this Hermit a part of me tried to forget about it and erase all of these thoughts from my memory (maybe this was pure fear of the unknown) ?

    It was an invite to sit in on a sťance with a few people using an
    Ouija Board that brought it all flooding back and started me on
    this journey of awakening the possibilities that my mind had been
    so closed to before.

    My only wish is that JDP could have been on this journey also,
    it would have shaken him to the core as it did me.

    The information coming through this board about me was frightening
    as I had only just met these people and none of them knew anything
    about me. My over logical mind had me thinking that maybe my
    brain waves were transmitting to the glass or travelling down my
    arm to the glass.

    So I took myself away from the table and sat on the couch at the other end of the room continuing to ask questions of the entity they were communicating with.

    The answers still came through crystal clear and true.

    For me there was no Other Side, no Talking to Dead People, Spirits
    or out of this world weird stuff Entities .... So you can imagine by
    now I'm getting more than a little bit rattled.

    A couple of good stiff shots of whisky helped me through my
    uneasiness with this huge life/mind shift I was experiencing.

    Anyway to cut a very long story short about this amazingly magic
    adventure ... I had a visit one night from a spirit that had the same
    name as my father (first and last name) I said to him (the spirit)
    that can't be so my dads still alive and I just spoke to him on the phone.

    He answered explaining that he was my fathers Scottish grandfather
    and that he just dropped in to see how I was going. My dad knew
    nothing at all about his paternal grandfather.

    This old guy gave me a lot of information that I was able to empirically verify through the appropriate records, about him and other things.

    So yes Mr. Luxus blood line or soul line there are some very interesting connections.

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    Frankly I consider the hermit to be a much more literal archetype than that expressed in the OP, but the wonder of the occult/alchemical world and its symbolism and archetypes is that they can represent different things depending on which angle your looking at them from.

    For me the hermit has is and always will be the archetype of the hermetic, the sage, the alchemist, the philosopher and the occultist. But more specifically he is a man of such wisdom who has become a hermit and is withdrawn from the rest of society to be with himself and God. What do you think the hermit is looking at with his lamp? For me I imagine it to be the town or the city which the hermit is on the outskirts of. The image shows he is a lone onlooker away from the crowd.

    This is my perception on the hermit.

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