I live in a large metro area and there's tons of light pollution so definitely hard to see a lot of stars at night. Been living here for +30 years and suddenly in the last 2 months I saw 2 shooting stars. First I thought I was lucky to have seen them but then decided that since I had not seen them in 30+ years, chances of me seeing 2 in 2 months was quite low... so about a week ago, I rationalized to myself that this was most likely an optical illusion of some kind, e.g., a light bouncing off a car or something that made it look like I was seeing shooting stars.

So after having 'resolved' the mystery of shooting stars, tonight while I was driving home with my wife, we both saw a shooting star while driving on a deserted road, so I can't use the excuse that it was another optical illusion. There was no mistaking the shooting star for both of us so now I've seen them 3 times in about 2-3 months. Is there any significance to this or just lucky coincidence? I would like to believe that there is some significance given the stark difference in occurrence - 0 in 30 years and 3 in 3 months.

Any insight, good omen, bad or neutral, would be greatly appreciated.