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Horseshoe magnets are made by bending iron to put the opposite poles beside each other (though an artist may not realize this). Then I went on a little quest to figure out some more about the history of magnetism. I found this:


The horseshoe magnet wasn't even invented until the 1800's!!! Everyone in here (my opinion, not insisting, just saying) needs to read this.

This seemed like an important discovery to share with the rest of you. According to the linked article, the first "horseshoe" magnet was invented in 1873 by Jules C. Jamin, a French Physicist.

Is this sticky worthy? I dunno, but that paper is definitely worth a look. Toodles.
Thank you for sharing this, Dragon's Tail! Excellent read!

I didn't like the way the guy wrote the article and chose his words (nor do I think English is his first language); too many damn commas, but grammar aside I learned new information after reading this article!

Interesting. I never knew that lodestone meant way-stone, as in, showing the way. Nor did I know that Magnesia is an area of Greece (Thessaly), noted!!

"According to legend, Jason and the Argonauts launched their search for the Golden Fleece from the Magnesia Peninsula."

Oh the allusions to our Art!

"Verticity"...I like that!