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Thread: Off-the-grid Internet

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    Off-the-grid Internet

    Anyone has any good suggestions or links to websites where you can buy, or get help in constructing your own Internet access. In the case of a sort of war, fascist dictatorship or such circumstances it is very easy for the powers of the world to simply flip a switch. The power over access to the Internet is, in the times we are living, more valuable than gold.

    No one is off-the-grid if they access the Internet through the gird. Personally this is what makes me feel the most weak.

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    There are commercial transmitters that can transmit digital data in the LW, MW or SW bands. In those bands they can be "heard" thousands of kilometers away by using a "DRM radio". Connecting the radio to a PC can help you receive pictures, documents and other files. Also, from a legal viewpoint, you will need a radio amateur license, which is not a major hurdle I think. I know those are commercially existent solutions. Some links:

    I'm not aware of an off-grid "internet" but the technology is there. In radio amateurs conferences you may find people interested in such projects.

    So, imagine 10-20 people scattered around the earth having an amateur license, a transmitter with a very long antenna, a digital receiver and a computer. This is the major hardware needed for global coverage.

    Good luck and if you decide to act keep us updated

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    HSMM can support most of the traffic that the Internet currently does, including video chat, voice, instant messaging, email, the Web (HTTP), file transfer (FTP), and forums. The only differences being that with HSMM, such services are community instead of commercially implemented and it is mostly wireless. HSMM can even be connected to the Internet and used for web surfing, although because of the FCC regulations on permitted content, this is done only when directly used for ham radio activities (under Part 97). Using high gain directional antennas and amplifiers, reliable long-distance wireless links over many miles are possible and only limited by propagation and the radio horizon.
    There's also a crypto company called Nexus that wants to launch cubesats to create a decentralized global network. I think the main focus is blockchain, but I hope phreakers will eventually use the tech to create a free decentralized satellite internet.

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    There are links to create youy own internet access in the video below.

    Not sure if the links are still current though.

    I like the sound of Nexus DX. I'll look into that. Imagine being free of the ISP conglomerates

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    Who is building Nexus?

    The Nexus blockchain is being developed by the Nexus Earth Embassy, a registered nonprofit organization in the United States of America. The Embassy is funded through the Nexus Ambassador Fund. The Core team members are:

    Colin Cantrell (Videlicet), Founder / Software Engineer / Software Architect / Nexus Embassy Founding Director
    Kierre Reeg (kierrereeg), Nexus Embassy Founding Director / Business Manager
    Jacynda Smith (jacynda), Nexus Embassy Director / Nexus Hub Manager
    Brian Smith (resistance_is_futile), Nexus Developer / Software Engineer
    Dionna Bailey (dionna), Business Development
    Wendy Katz (wendykatz), Marketing Manager
    Brian Vena, Business Development
    Nelson Sparks, Operations Manager
    Gail Holman, Comptroller
    Glen Luyckx (mrprobz), Online Support/Wallet Tech Support
    Andrew Krohn (ajkrohn), Online Support/Wallet Tech Support
    Ashley Swazey (concordia), Executive Assistant
    Anastasiya Maslova, (anastasiya) Community Coordinator
    John Saviano, (saviano) Graphic / Website Designs
    Mike Casey (mikecasey), Deputy Community Manager / Reddit Moderator / Nexus Hub Manager
    Nick (bibbityjibbity), Online Support

    Colin and Brian are full-time developers working on Nexus. We have many part-time contributors that work with our core development team, and we are always keen to find more C++/blockchain team members.
    Who owns Nexus?

    Nexus is a 501(4)c that is not owned by anyone anywhere, and is currently comprised of a temporary board of directors and advisors organized to make decisions and have legal recognition. This structure only exists until the development of ambassador and developer contracts are established, which will be democratically voted in or out, creating a robust organization to self operate without centralized leadership.

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    (times being what they are...)
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