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Thread: Practical Work: Testing Golden R+C Setup

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    Quote Originally Posted by Florius Frammel View Post
    Well it's no more or less than my version of the setup shown in my first link above and described at Beyer's book. Nothing hidden added. As I said before, I am sceptic as well. Why did you change from condensation of water to dust and meteorite?
    No change, really, but condensation struck me first when I thought the top was closed, as something to factor in if liquids started appearing. Actually, there are a lot of wonderful things floating about the air this time of year (in the northern hemisphere) that I think are well worth catching and investigating

    Meteorites make up fine dust that falls from the heavens, so if you do end up with a thick layer of it, you could try running a magnet across the glass just to see. Just a thought that occurred.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zoas23 View Post
    You may want to use a linen sheet covering the opening of the funnel.... it can be adjusted with a rubber band or whatever. The air has changed a bit since the damned industrial revolution.
    There are quite some pollen too and dust from the Sahara desert. The gases produced since the industrial revolution however can't be filtered this way. Thanks for your advice, but I will keep it open. At least until something happens or I'm convinced that nothing happens here.

    Time for the first results: Nothing so far
    But there are two things in my setup I am not satisfied with:
    1. The heater is off at night and above a certain temperature at daytime and was not really warm the whole time. I don't want to change that in the whole circle just for that experiment. Therefore I will replace it with a cheap egg hatcher device. In Beyer's book it is written the temperature should not exceed the first grade of a B.M., so I think 50C should be enough.

    2. If you look closely, the plastic funnel is attached with tape. I doubt it's airtight and will replace it with a rubber stopper /w hole.

    Edit: I am requoting Salazius from the Spiritus Mundi Thread, who seems to have experience in these kind of setups:
    Quote Originally Posted by Salazius View Post
    If there is two reciever flasks, it is because it operates a separation.

    The heavier spirit will fall in the first and is mostly flegm.

    The subtler, will go at the end of the apparatus. Rich enough in spiritus.

    This path is interesting only if you know what you get... Otherwise you'll mess.

    Also, the fire is too strong. Don't exceed 40C.
    The temperature matches to what I was thinking. Further, after looking into the Mutus Liber, I thought that this setup is some sort of a short way to collect dew and simultaneously distill it. In fact Dew is the only thing I can imagine to appear here. Maybe I'm wrong and maybe nothing happens. In the Mutus Liber however, the dew is first distilled and seperated into two fractions (4/5 to 1/5). I guess that is what you instantly get when you use two receivers. So IF I am going to get any dew with my device, I guess I will distill it again to get these two fractions. Or I will use what maybe will be left behind in the flask as the last 1/5 part. I have already some ideas what to do after that, but one step after the other.
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