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Thread: Practical Work: Testing Golden R+C Setup

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    I tried to reply to your PM FF but your inbox is full; but basically what i was going to say is that you should cool your reciever and you should also provably keep your device completely out of sunlight. Only perform these operations from about mid-night until just before the sun rises.

    Keep it up!!
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    Thanks EM,

    I will do a third round with an again modified setup soon. Andro wrote me some very useful hints too.

    I know a lot of sources speak of keeping light completely out of some processes. I know that this can be important especially when silversalts (for example AgNO3) are involved.
    Others seem to speak of collecting the dew at night and at daytime.

    I still am very sceptic about the dew having different qualities than ordinary water (with the same quantity of components soluted in) or dew collected at different times of a day, or dew collected the ordinary and in former times quite popular way (mutus liber).
    Maybe I will do another experiment to compare those waters.

    The instructions for this setup however give a (at least to me) more reasonable timeframe, that is when the dew production of nature is very high too.

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    I went back to my first setup and just cooled the receiver.

    There was a very small amount of water inside after letting the setup run a few hours around sunset.

    It is not much and the whole thing can surely be further improved. But if you have time and nerves you could collect useful quantities of this “undetermined“ water in a few nights.

    It was shown that “something“ happens using this device and that it fits to the description of what should happen.

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