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Thread: Can the stone be made in the Astral Realm?

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    Can the stone be made in the Astral Realm?

    Would it be possible, since SM exists on all planes of existance.. to make the stone in any plane?

    Or are there specific qualities about the physical plane that are required. Do the four elements exist in ever plane?

    Could any OBE'ers shed some 'light' on the subject? Or are you going to keep the light locked up you greedy little bastards

    I always kind of thought that you perform the Art here; grants you to level 2 then you perform again in the astral and so on and so forth till your cosmic!?
    Join me; on a voyage of stupidity, and self discovery:

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    Do you see the SM as being a simple substance like water (water is the same wherever it is) or do you see the SM as being a general name for a complex substance?

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