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Thread: Enlightenment is not for you

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    Donít let the delusion of reality confuse you regarding the reality of the illusion.

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    I figure that the basic idea here is vibration.

    For instance, you need a certain amount of energy, a certain vibration, before you can seperate the astral matrix from the physical body.

    Once there, then again, depending on your vibration, you can travel to different spheres of intelligence (you travel to the place that corresponds to your energy)

    I believe the whole, "Good people go to Heaven, bad people go to hell" Argument is talking specifically about the vibration of the individual and what area of the astral world it corresponds with.

    For instance, lets say you spend your days chronically masterbating, you age quickly and reach the end of your life having achieved little else for anyone but yourself and your balls are bone dry....

    What type of energy does the soul then have? After you die, you enter the Astral realm. If you enter the Astral realm, then some stuff is going to happen... like....

    You could get scared! Now... remember this is not an adept. This is a balls dry atheist loser. He has just entered the Spirit World. He is going to be scared, with low energy.

    His fear will attract the Sharks of the astral realm; which will gladdly escort him to places of even more fear; which correspond perfectly with the low energy, loser soul we are dealing with.

    NOW... Lets say we grab Awani and slit his throat.

    Awani is not going to face death with nearly the amount of fear and anxiety that our dry balled friend had a moment ago.

    He is going to feel more familiar with the process of separating from his body; because he took the time and effort during his waking life to experience and learn about it.

    1 point up on Awani; no, to minimum Shark concerns.

    Secondly; Awani's soul is going to be of a higher vibration because of his humanitarian love and spiritual practises. So when Awani dies; his soul will naturally gravetate to a place of a higher vibration in the astral realm.

    This is why i believe that Death is somethi g that you are suppose to realize is not a great thing; and prepare for it, in which case, if prepared for well; could be the ultimate orgasmic release into infinity.

    I vote Yes for Death Preparation.
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    I keep getting a continuous decline in faith in humanity, because all its current history is full of deception and wars.
    Stop watching the mainstream news. The world is full of brilliant loving moral people unfortunately they have no power and you wont hear about them.

    When man awakens from animalistic sleep, the first thing he realizes is that death IS real and absolute and something must be done about it.
    Death is unnatural. Ageing is a disease. An unpopular view.
    Its mankind's destiny to realise this and its inevitable as a species, we're gonna have to do it some time, assuming we are all still here.

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