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Yes, like I said above that's similar to how I do it too. I prefer the method described by JDP though.

Besides, how much in your opinions is "enough"? In the literature huge amounts of dew are often needed. Some say everything less than 150 lbs is not enough. You have got to hang up a lot of frozen bottles in several nights to get it.
I guess it depends on what you are going to do with it.

BTW, I got that method above out of a school book, written by nobel-prize winner Wilhelm Ostwald. It's interesting that the next experiment he describes after that, is how to collect dew with hygroscopic salts..
I have to agree here. You think the person who first found the stone ran around finding fancy ways of condensing the starting matter? If water was a critical ingredient, I could see them collecting it by fantastic means to purify it, but most likely it was put through gravel and charcoal. Yet the texts never seem to mention this. You want living water? Find a stream.