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Wrong, you get working helmets for 40! At least you used to get them and you will get them again when in stock again.
Why would one need such a big alembic helmet? The original ones sure were way smaller in former times too.
Freudian explanation theories come into the mind, but I wouldn't go that far in your case, z 0K
It takes quite a bit of starting material to get a useful amount of Quintessence or Stone for the time involved to make it. If you want to make enough for a couple of years use you will need a large volume reaction flask for the purification work. For 6000mL or larger you will need a 5000mL alembic to bring over the distillate at low temps necessary. If you use a 1000mL alembic with a 6000mL or larger flask you will still need a water cooled condenser after the alembic. Also the distillation rate and temp is influenced by the pressure in the train. Large alembics with wide mouth keep the surface pressure in the train on the liquid surface low enough for efficient sweat distillation.