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Thread: Glass Alembic

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    Glass Alembic

    Does anyone know where to purchase a real, working, alembic head (not some pseudo-alembic like what is sold on eBay) for a reasonable price? Less than $200 preferably.

    Today I went to purchase a cheap, yet decent, alembic from Germany that I had been eyeing for months but to my dismay the website is down

    I am considering reaching out to local glassblowers since I cannot seem to find anything online for a decent price, although my search a year ago was unsuccessful. I might have to just end up ingenuitively rigging something up differently that will accomplish what I seek to accomplish.

    Getting even more specific, I would love for it to have a wide mouth but I realize this will certainly make things more expensive than I am willing to pay right now.

    Ordering overseas is totally fine with me; I am willing to wait 1+ months to receive my product if the price is good!

    If anyone has an alembic laying around that they are not using please reach out!


    Example of exactly what I am looking for

    Example of what I am looking for but with a wider mouth

    Example of what I am not looking for

    Example of what I might have to settle for
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