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Thread: Making 'the vegetable stone'?

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    Quotes from z0 k, strewn about the forums:
    In the first distillation the Moon comes over before the Sun which floats on the Moon when it comes over. After that it is your choice whether you separate and purify them, or putrefy them together. Better to call them crude Philosophical Sulfur and Mercury, or Red King and White Queen. The white bird is related to Azoth a determined manifestation of Spiritus Mundi also called Sal Armoniac.

    How you proceed: separate or putrefy is determined by your goals. If you want a medicine for your health then separate and purify. If you want to play with neutrons then putrefy. Putrefaction of the Sun and Moon is a closely guarded secret to be revealed through experience attained by moving Spiritus Mundi from one determination to another using the Elements as outlined by Edward Kelly.

    Spiritus Mundi can move you and you can move Spiritus Mundi. It happens all the time.
    Alchemical processes do not use alcohol for plant stones. Also the plant sulfur is not the essential oil steam distilled from the plant.

    There are two types of alchemical plant magestries that produce two different "stones." One is organic and is hard like amber when cold and like wax when hot. The other type of alchemical plant stone is inorganic and forms large hard translucent polygonal crystals. That stone is hard and will resist the fire to over 1000F. Yet it melts quickly in water.
    Alchemical Sulfur is only "cosmic" when it is undetermined Anima Mundi. Plants condense alchemical sulfur into a form obtainable by alchemists in the lab. You cannot extract it with any solvents because it has to be created from the plant matter by the action of Fire and purified by the action of Water.
    Alchemystic Fire shows the micro particle vapor stream condense into "dry water." From the Dry Water we get philosophical mercury and sulfur from the plant in a form we can determine to the mineral kingdom to use on metals, in theory, because I am still working on substantiating it. Also in that Dry Water stream we receive hidden the alchemical elements Air and Fire and Water. Still in the black mass in the retort we have Earth and Fire. Fire and Water act on Earth and Air. We use Fire and Water to manipulate the matter in accord with the goal to manufacture an alchemical Quintessence.

    Congealing Philosophic Matter shows the simple vegetable menstruum made only from what the plant gives to the Fire and nothing else added. The red vegetable menstrum is the mother matrix which gives birth to the Stone. What is distilled out of the mother liquor into the receiver is pure water pH 7.

    oh, and there's z0 K's book as well, chalk-full of alchemical/hermetic theory.

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    Art is Nature in the flask; Nature is a vial thing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kiorionis View Post
    Quotes from z0 k, strewn about the forums:

    oh, and there's z0 K's book as well, chalk-full of alchemical/hermetic theory.

    Thanks Seraphim and Kiorionis for your kind words. And to the others here that appreciate what I have tried to share openly. I could be more open but as Roger Bacon said in the 1200s:

    Its but folly to profer Lettices to an Asse, since hees content with his Thistles. Et in lib. lapidum, The divulging of Mysteries is the diminution of their Magestry, nor indeed continues that to be a Secret, of which the whole fry of men is conscious.

    The Reason then, why wise men have obscured their Mysteries from the multitude, was, because of their deriding and slighting of wise mens Secrets of wisdome, being also ignorant to make a right use of such excellent matters. For if an accident help them to the knowledge of a worthy Mystery, they rest and abuse it to the manifold inconvenience of persons and communities. Hees then not discreet, who writes any Secret, unless he conceal it from the vulgar, and make the more intelligent pay some labor and sweat before they understand it. In this stream the whole fleet of wise men have sailed from the beginning of all, obscuring many wayes the abstruser parts of wisdome from the capacity of the generality. Some by Characters and Verses have delivered many Secrets.

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