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Thread: Oil of Tartar

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    I’m new to Alchemy. I’m currently reading Philosopal Furnaces by Glauber and started making the Oil of Tartar yesterday with disappointing results. I’m using a 1lb bag of potassium carbonate and thought I’d have some oil by now. So... we shall see how it turns out in the next few days.
    It is probably due to where you are located. If it is too dry, the atmosphere doesn't have enough water vapor floating around for the potassium carbonate to "pick it up". Try it when there is more humidity in the air. It certainly will work. Potassium carbonate is very hygroscopic.

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    You are spreading it thinly, I hope. If you simply dumped some in a bucket, the liquid main continue to soak into the interior for quite a while before presenting itself. If you sprinkle some on a plate and take it outside on a humid night, you will definitely see the effects of deliquessence.

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