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Thread: Our Whiteness: Regeneration

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    Our Whiteness: Regeneration

    What occurs after Our Blackness: Putrefaction has taken place?

    The Sages all assert that the colors of our Work in sequential order are Black-White-Red.

    If we trust the Masters, after Putrefaction occurs our Matter must undergo its next phase Our Whiteness: Regeneration.

    Considering Putrefaction is expressed by the color Black and considering Regeneration is expressed by the color White, we can denote these two stages in our Work as two polarities: Light & Darkness, Heaven & Earth, Celestial & Terrestrial, Pure & Gross, Above & Below, Volatile & Fixed, Spirit & Body, Agent & Patient, etc.

    In this thread we will focus on the White Regenerated substance manifested within our flask.

    Posted by z0 K

    Posted by Krisztian

    Quote Originally Posted by Secret Book Of Artephius, 1150
    Our water then is the most beautiful, lovely, and clear fountain, prepared only for the king, and queen whom it knows very well, and they it. For it attracts them to itself, and they abide therein for two or three days, to wit, two or three months, to wash themselves therewith, whereby they are made young again and beautiful. And because sol and luna have their original from this water their mother; it is necessary therefore that they enter into it again, to wit, into their mothers womb, that they may be regenerated and born again, and made more healthy, more noble and more strong. If therefore these do not die and be converted to water, they remain alone or as they were and without fruit; but if they die, and are resolved in our water, they bring forth fruit of a hundred fold; and from that very place in which they seem to perish, from thence shall they appear to be that which they were not before.

    Let therefore the spirit of our living water be, with all care and industry, fixed with sol and luna; for they being converted into the nature of water become dead, and appear like to the dead; from thence afterwards being revived, they increase and multiply, even as do all sorts of vegetable substances; it suffices then to dispose the matter sufficiently without, because that within, it sufficiently disposes itself for the perfection of its work. For it has in itself a certain and inherent motion, according to the true way and method, and a much better order than it is possible for any man to invent or think of. For this cause it is that you need only prepare the matter, nature herself will perfect it; and if she be not hindered by some contrary thing, she will not overpass her own certain motion, neither in conceiving or generating, nor in bringing forth.

    Wherefore, after the preparation of the matter, beware only lest by too much heat or fire, you inflame the bath, or make it too hot; secondly, take heed lest the spirit should exhale, lest it hurt the operator, to wit, lest it destroy the work, and induce many informities, as trouble, sadness, vexation, and discontent. From these things which have been spoken, this axiom is manifest, to wit, that he can never know the necessary course of nature, in the making or generating of metals, who is ignorant of the way of destroying them. You must therefore join them together that are of one consanguinity or kindred; for like natures do find out and join with their like natures, and by putrifying themselves, and mix together and mortify themselves. It is needful therefore to know this corruption and generation, and the natures themselves do embrace one another, and are brought to a fixity in a slow and gentle fire; how like natures rejoiceth with like natures; and how they retain one another and are converted into a white consistency.
    Quote Originally Posted by An Explanation Of The Natural Philosopher's Tincture, by Paracelsus, 1536
    Bernhardus says: “In 130 days the King puts off his blackness, and appears in his white shirt”. Scala Phil. gives 140 days for such putrefaction. Vide Pandor., fol 36. After these follow the other perfect colours, as the white of complete coagulation. Thus, putrefaction takes place in humidity, but the end of putrefaction is dryness; and inceration is a gentle induration, the occultation of humour, the fixation of spirit, the collecting of things diverse, the Renovation of Homogeneity, the adaptation to fire of things fleeing therefrom, and is the colour of regeneration and of semi-coction. It lasts also a long time --- according to Bernhardus almost 82 days --- which is a sign of fixation according to the Dictum of Lucas in the Turba: “When our Magnesia is white it lets not the spirit go from it”. Theophrasus sets no limit of time to such colours, as, in truth, none can be set, for it depends on the matter.
    Quote Originally Posted by Bloomfield's Blossoms, by Bloomfield, 1557
    Forty Dayes long for their perfect unition
    In them is made, for first it turneth blacke.
    This colour betokeneth the right putrifaction.
    This is the beginning of perfect conception
    Of your infant into a new generacion:
    A most precious Iewell for our great consolation.
    Forty dayes then more, thy matter shall turne white
    And cleere as pearles, which is a declaracion.
    Quote Originally Posted by The Fount Of Chemical Truth, by Philalethes, 1668
    These operations are sometimes called regimens; but there are only two kinds of fire, the natural and the nonnatural, the latter being employed to call out the activity of the former. Putrefaction precedes regeneration, and is caused by the strife of the two fires.
    Quote Originally Posted by Centrum Naturae Concentratum, by Puli, 1694
    But now in every viscous Water, there lies hid intimately in the Center, a hidden Center concentrated, which I call by the name of the Salt of Nature. This Salt is the Light of the World. Every where where it fixes its seat it drives its circumferences to motion; it does illuminate, strengthen and uphold them in their motions. But this very Salt without the Divine Spirit of Nature does adhere and is annexed to the invisible speaking of the Di∣vine word, and by this light is nourished and moved.

    This is that Salt, which Christ among all created things only called good: And it is that Spirit which ascends up into the Airy Heaven, and which again descends, which restrains the Winds, and holds them in the Fists of its power, which gathers together the Waters into their places. This Spirit of Salt is the medium of all things, by which the highest are knit with the lowest, and keep in harmony. From both the Natures, both superiour and inferiour, it hath nutriment in abundance; and in like manner doth give and divide its plenty to all things. By it and through its virtue Vegetables and Minerals do grow, and by it the divine Power doth perform whatsoever he will, in the Firmament, in the Air, the Earth, the Sea and all in deeps. By this he commands the Clouds to appear from the ends of the Earth. This Spirit is the cause and beginning of the Lightning and the Clouds; he commands the Winds to come from hidden places. This Spirit is the Instrument by which God wills that terrible thundrings be heard from the Clouds. For this cause the satness of the Earth is in it, and wonderfull plenitude of benediction. Without this nothing in nature can subsist. It is found every where; the poorest as well as the King seeks his nourishment from it, and con∣servation of his vital Spirit. O Lord, how great and wonderfull and how many are the works of thy hands? Thou hast ordained all things wisely. The Earth declares thy goodness and fullness, who sillest all things. Praise ye the Lord. Hallelujah.

    From this Salt, if it be regenerated by an Artist, a wonderfull and noble thing proceedeth; which maketh every corrosive thing sweet, every weak and infirm thing sound and strong. This thing giveth both Riches and Health; and in this life it deserves the name of a most pretious Treasure. Neither is there a greater thing amongst visible things which exist in this time than this, which sometimes the Lord bestows upon some men for a special cause. It is a Type and Image of the Resurrection and Immortality; and our Heavenly Father, by the operations and existence of this Essence, hath in great perspicuity made plain unto us the understanding of the high∣est Mysteries. I have seen by this thing as through a Glass, the Image of the Creation, and the distribution and ordination of that Mass, which they call the Chaos, the amicable Seed or Effluvium of the 3 Principles, the separation of that Seen into various forms: I have also seen by this thing, how the Eternal Word was made Flesh; I have seen the internal splendour of his glorious light, and the veil of the Humane Flesh, by which as by a Cloud that glory was cover’d; how he walked among the Pharisees, doing many Miracles; and because his appearance was in so mean a figure, they inflicted on him the highest contempts and torments; and last of all undergoing death, he entred into the Sepulchre, and with a glorious and clarified Body ascended up into Heaven, and from thence how by his Spirit he freed his Brethren and Sisters from infirmities; and how even to this day by the holy Effluvium of his light and tincture he flows into prepared and faithfull Souls, and there makes all holy things holier and better, and at length perfects them until the day of the universal and last Judgment, and the time of the new World. Great are the works of God; he that sets his mind upon them, will find his delight in them. He hath left the monument of his wonders with us, he who is for ever mercifull and kind. Hallelujah.
    Quote Originally Posted by Recreations Hermetiques
    The vessel of Nature is the prepared earth which must drink its spirit. It is called a vessel, and indeed it is, since it contains something. The spirit that is added is not a foreign thing because everything originated from it, and it is that from which our earth is formed, so as it is said ‘the child goes back into the womb’: which can only be done by tearing the entrails. It is also necessary that our earth be divided into its smallest parts to reveal its great wealth, and for this to happen you should soak it often with the spirit and let it dry out just as often. In this operation, phlegm will evaporate, but the spirit remains and becomes incorporated with that salified earth until such time as the saturation is complete; then the added spirit can no longer be contained. That which was set on the earth reacts and forces it to dissolve. The salt would be [dissolved] as well, and that is why this dissolution is compared to a sea. Now because the spirit which was added is joined to an altering and corrupting moisture, there appears from the fermenting mixture a movement, which is followed by putrefaction, and consequently regeneration, since fermentation changes the bodies of Nature, and in putrefaction, they only exchange their clothes for new ones, and all the more rich and brilliant, because the Spirit of original engine is more elevated.

    This white powder or regenerated matter is Mercury, though still a child, and to whom we must give the wings of an eagle at head and heel, that is to say, from head to foot, so that she can fly and soar to the highest region which is heaven. We must sublimate it many times so that, in its dissolution in the astral spirit, it will leave behind an earth which will precipitate which you must collect that with great care. Philalethes calls these sublimations ‘eagles’.
    Quote Originally Posted by Rosicrucian Aphorisms, by Bacstrom, 1797
    After liquefaction of the subject, putrefaction takes place immediately. At first you see veins resembling Mercury running down from the neck to the permanent ruby water. After those veins or streams are vanished the Peacock's Tail begins to appear all round the globe, sometimes coloured like the Rainbow, sometimes purple, green, nay Gold and Silver colours, most wonderfully beautiful, present themselves.

    During putrefaction, which generally lasts 150 days, sometimes longer, the subject smells through the stopper like a human corpse; sometimes so strongly as to be smelled all over the house; and the colours variegate most beautifully.

    After this putrefaction, which is called the Raven's-head, and which generally lasts 150 days or longer, has continued its time, the stench diminishes gradually, and the subject becomes a dry brick-red coloured earth, red earth, or dust, which remains settled at the bottom of the glass. This must not be moved nor disturbed.

    Then sublimation takes place. the Universal Spirit forsakes the dead body the red earth, ascends and descends invisibly and now produces general colours of large extent; one day the globe is black, some days after it becomes olive-green; after that sky-blue and beautiful parrot-green; then again purple or violet and crimson, mostly in general colours all round the globe. with beautiful small gold, silver, green and purple spots in the neck, like a Peacock's Tail or a Rainbow. Sometimes it looks like polished copper, then like polished steel, and sometimes like bell-metal.

    After eight or nine months all appears white or, rather, like running mercury, of a metallic colour, and the Universal Spirit sublimes and fixes itself at the bottom of the oak stopper in the neck, and remains there for three or four weeks, as white as Silver; and is the regenerated Universal Spirit, corporified in a sweet fusible salt of Nature, above half fixed.

    Below remains a foliated earth of a grey colour, called by us Terra foliata, which is of no use if you choose to take this white salt or sublimate out for multiplication, in order to make the White Medicine; but if you prefer continuing the Digestion, you must by no means open the glass nor meddle with it.
    This white sublimate from one glass will not be more than three, four, five or six grains at most.

    You have now in your possession the Corporified Spirit of the Universe, the Regenerated Fire of Nature, the Saviour and Regenerator of matter, or the White Medicine in its first infant state, the Urim or Regenerated Light. This is already a universal medicine for the animal creation, but it is to be carried further, to greater perfection.

    This sweet salt or sublimate looks like copelled silver, or like the Moon in the Morning.
    Quote Originally Posted by The Mystery Of The Cathedrals, by Fulcanelli, 1926
    The colour black was given to Saturn. In spagyric art he is the hieroglyph for lead, in astrology, a maleficent planet; in hermeticism, the black dragon or Philosophers' Lead; in magic, the black Hen, etc. In the Egyptian temples, when a new member was about to undergo the initiatory ordeals, a priest approached him and whispered this mysterious sentence in his ear: 'Remember that Osiris is a black god!' This is the symbolical colour of the shades and the Cimmerian darkness, the colour of Satan, to whom black roses were offered. It is also the colour of primitive Chaos, in which the seeds of all things are confused and mixed. It is the sable of the science of heraldry and the emblem of the element earth, of night and death.

    Just as in Genesis day succeeds night, so light succeeds darkness. Its signature is the colour White. The Wise assure us that when their matter has reached this degree, it is freed from all impurity, perfectly cleansed and very exactly purified. It then takes on the appearance of solid granulations or shining corpuscles, reflecting like diamonds and of a dazzling whiteness. White has also been used to denote purity, simplicity and innocence. White is the colour of the Initiates, because the man, who abandons darkness to follow light, passes from the profane state to that of the Initiate, the Pure. He is spiritually renewed.

    This term white,' says Pierre Dujols, 'has been chosen for very profound psychological reasons. The colour white, as most languages attest, has always denoted nobility, candour and purity. According to the famous Dictionnaire-Manuel he'breu et chalde'en of Gesenius, hur, heur, signifies to be white; hurim, heurim, designates the noble ones, the white ones, the pure ones. This more or less variable transcription of Hebrew (hur, heur, hurim, heurim) leads us to the French word heureux (happy). The bienheureux (blessed ones)--those who have been reborn and washed in the blood of the Lamb--are always represented with white garments. Everyone knows that bienheureux (the blessed) is also the equivalent, the synonym of the Initiate, the noble one, the pure one. Again, the Initiates wore white. The nobles dressed in the same colour. In Egypt, the shades were similarly dressed in white. Ptah, the Regenerator, was also clad in white, in order to show the new birth of the Pure Ones or the White Ones. The Cathars, a sect to which the Bianchi of Florence belonged, were the Pure Ones...On the other hand, the Hebrew schher represents a transitional black, that is to say the Ariadne, the spider in the middle of its web-the empty shell, the beginning of the funeral Rites," says Portal, "represents that state of soul which is passing from night to day, from death into life".
    Quote Originally Posted by Dwellings Of The Philosophers, by Fulcanelli, 1929
    For the philosopher, death is simply the peg which joins the material plane to the diving plane. It is the terrestrial door opening onto the sky, the link between nature and divinity; it is the chain connecting those who still are to those who no longer are. Thus, we understand why the philosophers emphasized so much the absolute necessity of material death.

    Through death, does the imperishable and always active spirit stir, sieve, separate, clean, and purify the body. It owes to it the possibility of assembling its cleansed parts, of building with them its new dwelling, of finally transmitting to the regenerated form an energy it did not possess.

    The Mosaic tradition says that God, towards the end of the Flood, caused a hot wind to blow on the waters which evaporated them and lowered their level. The mountain tops then emerge from the huge sheet of water and the Ark then comes and lands on Mount Ararat in Armenia. Noah, opening the vessel’s windows releases the crow, which is for the alchemists, and in his own minute genesis, the replica of the Cimmerian darkness, of these sinister clouds that accompany the hidden elaboration of new beings and regenerated bodies.

    By this agreement of evidences, and the physical evidence of the work itself, truth is victorious in spite of those who deny, of the men of little faith always ready to dismiss into the domain of illusion and fantasy, the positive reality of which they could not understand because it is not known, and taught even less.

    Has anyone here seen this Whiteness in their flask?

    What are some other names we could call this Whiteness besides "Regenerated Matter"?

    Posted by Chasm

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    Hey Schmuldvich. Are you saying that the volatile Whiteness is the Regenerated Matter?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Seraphim View Post
    Hey Schmuldvich. Are you saying that the volatile Whiteness is the Regenerated Matter?

    That is exactly what I am saying!

    This Regenerated Matter is called countless different names by the Masters.

    Another name for this Regenerated Matter is 'Foliated Earth'.

    Quote Originally Posted by Compound Of Compounds, by Magnus, 1260
    You will then have sufficiently purified the Head of the Raven, the black and foetid earth, you have brought it to whiteness by the strength of the fire, of the heat, and the whitened water. Gather your white earth and put it carefully aside. This is very precious because it is the foliated white earth, white Sulphur, white Magnesia, etc. Morien speaks of it when he says: "Put this earth with its water to putrefy so that it purifies, and with the aid of God you will finish the Magistery". Hermes says the same as Azoth, wash the Laton and raise it from all its impurities.

    In this latest operation, we produced a genuine conjunction of the elements, because the water united with the earth, the air with the fire. It is this union of the man with the woman, of the male with the female, of the gold with the silver, of the dry and the impure celestial water. There was also a resurrection of dead bodies.

    One finds many similar passages in the books of the Philosophers, but they are in the form of parables, so that the evil cannot understand them. By the Grace of God, you now possess our white foliated Earth, all ready to undergo the fermentation, which will give it breath. Also the Philosophers said: "Whiten the black Earth before uniting it with the ferment". Another said: "Sow your gold in the white foliated Earth, and it will give you fruit an hundredfold". Glory to God. Amen.
    Quote Originally Posted by Radix Mundi, by Bacon, 1292
    Thus our work is nothing else but a transmutation of Nature and a Conversion of the Elements. The Spiritual is made Corporal, the Liquid is made thick, and the water is made Fire. Moreover, the black Earth is imbibed with its own water, and is dryed so long until it is sufficiently cleansed and brought on to Whiteness. Which then is called the White Earth foliated, Sulphur of Nitre, Sulphur of Magnesia.
    Quote Originally Posted by Rosarium Philosophorum
    Aristotle: Note therefore the words and mark the mysteries, because the spirit which dissolves the white foliated earth, doth not hold any of them fixed, unless you possess it with that body of which it was prepared in the beginning. Permanent or Perpetual Water, or the spirit of Wine, is called the water of the body, that is when the body is reduced into Mercury. Likewise without permanent water nothing is done. It is also called Water of Life.

    Hermes: Sow your gold in white foliated earth.

    Arnold: Water is a spirit in which the tincture of the air is carried, which when it is brought upon the white foliated earth, presently the spiritual water is dried up and the soul remains in the body, which is the tincture of the air. Therefore, the spirit retains the soul, as the soul retains the body, because the soul stays not in the body, but by the help of the spirit. But when they are conjoined they are never separated, because the spirit retains the soul as the soul retains the earth. Whereupon Hermes teaches us that souls are to be honoured in stones, for their mansion is in them. But there are retainers of fugitives with them. Therefore it is our coagulation, because they retain it flying. Sow, therefore, the soul into the white foliated earth because that retains it. Because when it would ascend from the earth into heaven and would descend again into the earth, it will receive the strength of the inferior and superior.

    But the powder ascending upwards from the faeces is ashes extracted from ashes, and earth sublimed and honoured, but that which remains beneath is ashes of ashes, and the lower ashes is to be condemned and disposed as faeces and dross. Make, therefore, a difference between the clear and bright thereof, because when it is most white and ascends like snow then it will be accomplished. Gather it, therefore, warily that it fly not away in fume, because it is a good thing to be sought for, a white foliated earth, congealing that which is to be congealed and cleansing that which is to be cleansed, and purifying Arsenic and white Sulphur, of which Aristotle says that it is the best thing the Alchemists can take, that of it they may make Silver.
    Quote Originally Posted by Certain Chemical Works, by Nowell, 1445
    Even as the rocks which bind thy solid Earth,
    Doth Microcosme in itself contain
    Worlds coin the lees which bringeth forth a birth,
    Adamical Matter foul and unclean
    Rectify this as nature doth us guide
    Distil, Calcine, and Earth from Air divide.

    Mesh oft thy womb with oil, water and air,
    Oft dry and grind till earth have drunk up all,
    Which done dissolve again this earth to clear
    Even as before distil that which will fall,
    Let faeces black calcined be by fire,
    Like to burnt Salt but in colour somewhat higher.

    Or cover this with his first water bright
    Four fingers over place it then in sand
    Distil again till water loose his might
    And be as faint as water of the Land
    And this continue till increase you again
    Fourfold at least and then sublime again.

    The foliate earth which is our fire will rise
    Over the head and hang as white as snow.
    Quote Originally Posted by Verbum Dismissum, by Trevisan, 1480
    After then our Compound is made, it should be placed in its Secret Vessel and decocted, or baked in a very soft heat moist or dry, and moistened and congealing soften till the Earth arise Foliated, which must be afterwards calcined and infinitely incerated in fixing with the said Water.
    Quote Originally Posted by Splendor Solis, 1582
    Therefore the Earth flowers and bears manifold coloured blooms and fruits, and in her interior has grown a large Tree with a silver stem, stretching itself out to the earth's surface. On its branches have been sitting many kinds of birds, all departing at Daybreak, when the Ravenhead became white. The same tree bears three kinds of Fruit. The First are the very finest Pearls. The Second are called by Philosophers Terra Foliata.
    Quote Originally Posted by The Book Of The Learned Greek Abbot Synesius, 1612
    Note that the said earth will be washed from its blackness by the decoction, as I have said, because it is easily putrefied by its own water, and is cleansed, which is the end of the Magistry, and then be sure to keep that white earth very carefully. For that is the White Mercury, White Magnesia, Foliated Earth.
    Quote Originally Posted by Treatise On The Metallic Medicine, by Du Chesne, 1641
    When you see on the foil that your earth has become completely volatile, put it into two small sealed alembics, together with their receptacles, and give them a slow sublimation fire for one day, increasing it by degrees till the 4th day, when the white fumes no longer appear in the vessel and your materia strongly adheres to the sides like foliated earth. It will be beautiful, clear, and transparent like pearls and talcum.
    Quote Originally Posted by Zoroaster's Cave, 1667
    Our Black Materia dealbated is called the Terra Foliata, Ashes of Ashes, ferment of ferment, and white Sulphur enduring the fire.
    Quote Originally Posted by Philosophia Maturata, by St. Dunstan, 1668
    Understand, two Bodies to be dissolved with the Natural menstruum, is always the second Calx, not the first; and therefore it behooveth thee to dissolve Calx of Metals with a compound Mercury, as before is taught, that they may sooner putrefy, and be altered into the second Calx (which we call Sulphur of Nature, and Foliated Earth) which we then dissolve and coagulate (circulate) into Oil, with a Simple Menstruum; namely, Natural.
    Quote Originally Posted by The Practice Of Lights, 1683
    Divide the Elements and well rectify your Earth by due Calcination, and with washing of his own Water, till it be pure, clear, bright and white shining, and then sublime up all the quintessence again, then thou hast the wonderful Earth called Terra Foliata; if you will work it up as you may at your pleasure by continuance of Reiteration and Sublimation, then he will become clear as Heaven Crystalline shining bright.
    Quote Originally Posted by Letter To The True Disciples Of Hermes, by Saint Didier, 1688
    Do not then despair; but seek out the source of the liquor of the wise, the which contains all that is necessary to the operation; it is hid beneath the stone; strike upon it with the rod of magic fire, & a clear fountain shall thence burst forth; do then as I have shown; prepare the bath of the King with the blood of the Innocents, & you shall have the animate Mercury of the wise, which loses never its virtues, if you but preserve it in a vessel well stopped. There is such sympathy, says Hermes, betwixt purified bodies, & spirits, that they quit each the other never, once that they be joined together; for that such union is like unto to that of the soul with the glorified body, concerning which faith tells us there shall be no further separation, nor death. Quia spiritus, ablutis corporibus desiderant inesse, habitis autem ipsis, eos vivificant, & in iis habitant.[18] By which you may see the merit of this precious liquor, unto which have the Philosophers given more than a thousand divers names, it is the aqua vitę of the wise, the water of Diana, the great moon, water of quick silver; it is our Mercury, our incombustible oil, which when cold like unto ice congeals, & in the heat, liquefies like unto butter; Hermes calls it the foliated earth, or earth of leaves; not without great reason; for if you observe it well, you shall see that it is leaved through & through; in a word 'tis the fountain most clear, whereof the Count of Treves makes mention; it is the true and permanent water.
    Quote Originally Posted by Immortal Dissolvent, by Yworth, 1705
    By Sublimation with Salts, and Distillation, and other such like Operation, endeavoring to make it run per deliq. to obtain an Airy and Universal Nature and radical dissolution, even that they call the Magnetic Salt, or Foliated Earth, and Mercurial Chalybs.

    Other times the Ancients preferred to call this Regenerated Matter by a different name such as 'Sal Ammoniac'

    Sometimes this is also referred to as 'Sal Armoniac' in our Work.

    Quote Originally Posted by The Root Of The World, by Bacon, 1250
    Now let us return to the black matter in its vessel, continually closed. Let this vessel I say, stand continually in the moist fire, till such time as the white colour appears, like to a white moist salt. The colour is called by the philosophers arsenic, and sal armoniac; and some others call it, the thing without which no profit is to be had in the work. But inward whiteness appearing in the work, then is there a perfect conjunction, and copulation, of the bodies in this stone, which is indissoluble. And then is fulfilled that saying of Hermes, the thing which is above, is as that which is beneath; and that which is beneath, is as that which is above, to perform the mystery of this matter.
    Quote Originally Posted by Rosarium Philosophorum
    Of the Salt of the Philosophers: There are three Stones and three Salts, of which the whole magistery consists, that is to say Mineral, Plant and Animal, and there are three waters, that is of Sol, of Luna, and of Mercury. Mercury is an Mineral, Luna a plant, because it receiveth in itself two Colours, Whiteness and Redness, and Sol is an Animal because it receiveth three things, that is, Constriction, Whiteness, and Redness. And Sol is called the Great Animal, and Salt Armoniac is made of it; and Luna is called a Plant and Salt Alkali is made of it, but Mercury is called the mineral Stone and common Salt is made of it. Likewise when the Philosophers saw the substance of this Art dissolved, they called it Salt Armoniac, and when it was putrefied they said our Stone was base, and is found on a dunghill, and many have dug and laboured in the dunghill and have found nothing. And when it is converted into water, then both poor and rich have it, and it is found in every place, at any time, and in every thing, although the searching aggravates the searcher.

    Note that, all Salts well prepared return to the nature of Salt Armoniac, and the whole secret is in common salt well prepared. Note that the Roman Vitriol hath the nature of the Stone of Metals, and it is hot and dry. Likewise, Alum seems to be coagulated Mercury, but it goeth from his accomplishment, hot and moist and it is called the like of one that is Mercury. Therefore, he that knoweth Salt and the Solution thereof, knoweth likewise the hidden secret of the Ancient wise men. Therefore, set thy mind on Salt and cogitate on nothing else, for in that only the science and greatest secret of all the Ancient Philosophers is hidden.
    Quote Originally Posted by New Pearl Of Great Price, by Bonus, 1339
    If gold and silver could be evolved out of any metallic substance, they could be prepared most easily out of that which is most akin to them; but as it is impossible to prepare them out of their first principles, viz., quicksilver and sulphur, they cannot be evolved out of metals specifically different from them. For it is clear that out of these two matters all metals are derived and generated; orpiment, sal armoniac, and secondary spirits like marcasite, magnesia, and tutia, being all reducible to these two primary forms. There are seven spirits in Alchemy, the four principal ones, quicksilver, sulphur, orpiment, and sal armoniac, and the three secondary and composite spirits, marcasite, magnesia and tutia; but sulphur and quicksilver include them all. The Stone would have to be obtained either from the metals or from these spirits. But the sages represent the Stone as bearing the same relation to the metals which is borne by form to substance, or, soul to body: hence, it cannot be extracted from such gross things as metals. They do indeed say that by calcining, dissolving, distilling, and coagulating those bodies they purge out all that is gross, and render the metals spiritual and subtle. But they know well enough that any fire violent enough to perform this would kill or destroy the vital germ of the metal. Nor can so highly spiritual a substance as the Philosopher’s Stone is represented be obtained from the metallic spirits (sulphur and quicksilver). For they must be either fixed or volatile.

    It is the precious substance which the sages call by so many mysterious names; the Shadow of the Sun, the coagulum of quicksilver, that which flies with tings flying and rest with things at rest, the gold of the philosophers, that which is sought of many and found of few, the Quintessence, the salt of armonia, the Vinegar of the Sages, the Golden Tree, of whose fruit whosoever eats shall not hunger again; that which is nourished and generated in the fire, and delights in it as in its native element; that which, like man, is a microcosm or little world. It is the second sulphur which is joined to the first sulphur, producing a third sulphur, of which it is said that sulphurs are contained in sulphurs.

    Raymondus distinctly discountenances such a view. He says that the whole mystery of the mineral way consists in two waters, one of which volatilizes the Stone (which is fixed), while the other water fixes it again, and is also fixed with it by the skill of the artist. The quintessence which composes the whole Stone is fixed and fortified according to the ferment joined to it, and performs transmutation accordingly. But it is possible to fix the quintessence over its own earth and join it with the metal; yet this method does not find favour with Raymondus, because when it is fixed upon another ferment, the work is performed quicker, its potency is greater, and it is more natural. --- What Raymondus here alludes to as the quintessence, is by Rhasis described under the name of armoniac salt. With his menstruum, or salt, Raymond extracts from metals their souls, which he calls sulphur of Nature. He causes them to ascend and cling to the sides of the vessels by means of fire. The extract he often terms the metallic sperm, from which again he extracts the four elements, with his circulatory, celestial medicines, by the help of digestions and distillations. These elements he fixes, solves, and coagulates on his earth; and thus he composes the Stone.

    In armoniac salt are hidden all the secrets of the Sages, and because of its soaring nature, they have called it the Eagle, or the Arrow. It is very hot and very dry; yet it is nothing but condensed vapour collected from soot in baths. There is also sal gemmae, which is more precious than other salts, and very efficacious in our Art. Other salts are saltpeter and common salt. The purer salt is the greater its efficacy. One salt the Sages have essayed to hide. It is the salt alchali. If you can obtain it, you have all you want.

    Put in a narrow-necked bottle, coagulate, then keep it and preserve it from dust, because it is clear and white. Afterwards pound it, pace in aludel, having burnt common salt at the bottom; close vessel with the lute of wisdom. Sublime in furnace. If this operation be begun at early dawn, the fire which at first be very gentle, should be slightly increased at the third hour, and so till noon. Remove it from the fire, and let it cool. You will find the salt armoniac of a pure and brilliant white.
    Quote Originally Posted by Certain Chemical Works, by Nowell, 1445
    In thirteen weeks this Earth thou White shall see
    Wherein three parts of water knit shall be
    These fixed Bodies volatile shall be
    If this first Water on again you put
    To cover it in a small quantity
    Digest in sand on night the head on shut.

    In Balneo distil the water weak away
    But volatile with fixed Salt will stay
    Continue this till Water loose his might
    And that the Earth increased be threefold,
    By heat sublime, comes Sal Armoniack bright
    More richer far than any Indian Gold.

    This White leaved Earth, divide it into two
    And in one part the Soul again must grow.


    This fountain red of life original
    Whose subtile Spirit is fire natural
    Attending on moisture radical
    A Quintessence fully spiritual
    An Aqua Vitae most etherical
    Whose nature is well near incorruptible.

    This Spirit wit a gentle fire up rose
    Heating the pipes of water when it did press
    His Liquor Mercury, flame Sulphur shows
    The last from Sal Armoniack tells no less
    This Spirit rectify well, lute well the glass
    Lest the exceeding subtile Spirit out pass.


    From Marian and Salt Nitre may distill
    By easy heat a Spirit Mercurial
    A Sulphureous Oil by stronger fire come will
    And fixed Salt of Salt Original
    By force of fire yet will beneath remain
    And thus three Salts extracted are from twain.

    Which fixed Salt within his Limbeck lies
    Yield until him Mercury again
    Two days digest extract the phlegm aside
    And volatile with fixed that will remain
    Treble the fixed that it flight may take
    Sublime thy Sal Armoniack them to make.

    Within this Limbeck close the cover sure
    Increase the heat after 3 hours space
    In highest degree let it stand 6 hours more
    Receive the flower of Salt come through the glass
    Whose orient colours no man well can know
    The fixed foeces Whiter lie than Snow.
    Quote Originally Posted by Splendor Solis, 1582
    Of this Senior says: "that at first it turns to ashes, afterwards it becomes a Salt, and at last with a great deal of labour, it becomes the Mercury of the Philosophers. But the best and noblest of all is Sal Amoniac, as confirmed by Aristotle in his book Of The Seven Commandments, where he says: Almisadir, that is Sal Amoniac, shall serve you only, for it solves the bodies, and makes them soft and spiritual." The same says Turba "Know that the body does not tinge itself unless the Spirit which is hidden in its interior, be extracted, when it will become a water and a body of a spiritual nature, because the thick earthy substance cannot tinge, but the proper one is of a thin nature, and colours the tingent spirit of a watery nature to an Elixir, because there has been extracted a white and red fixation, of a perfect colouring, and an all penetrating Tincture, which mixed with all the metals.
    Quote Originally Posted by The New Chemical Light, by Sendivogius, 1608
    Our substance is openly displayed before the eyes of all, and yet is not known. Oh, how marvellous is our heaven, and our water, and our mercury, and our saltpetre which are in the world sea, and our vegetable, and our fixed and volatile sulphur, and our dead head, or dregs of our sea, and our water that does not wet the hands, and without which no mortal can live — without which nothing is born or generated in the whole world! It is lightly esteemed by men, yet no one can do without it: for it is more precious than all the world beside, and, in short, it is nothing but our pontic-water which is congealed in the sun and moon and extracted from the sun and moon, by means of our chalybs (steel) through the skill of the Sages by a philosophical artifice and in a surprising manner.

    I did not really intend to publish this book, for reasons that are named in the preface; but my love for earnest students of this Art got the better of my caution. So have I sought to make known my good-will to those who knows me, and manifest unto the initiated that I am their companion and equal, and that I desire their acquaintance. I doubt not that there are many persons of good conduct and clear conscience who possess this great gift of God in secret. I pray and conjure them that they should preserve even the silence of Harpocrates. Let them be made wise by my example, and take warning from my dangers. Whenever I have revealed myself to the great, it has always been to my peril and loss. But by this work I now shew myself to the Sons of Hermes, while at the same time I instruct the ignorant, and direct lost seekers into the right path.

    Let them know that the secret is here as plainly expounded as it ever will be. I have kept nothing back except the secret of extracting our “salt of Ammonia,” or ” Mercury of the Sages ” out of our “sea water,” and the great use to which it is put. If I have not expressed myself very plainly on these points, it is only because I may not do so. The secret can only be revealed by God, who knows men’s hearts and minds, and He will vouchsafe this knowledge, in answer to earnest and importunate prayer after a repeated careful perusal of this Book. The vessel, as I have said, is one, or two at most will suffice; and if you have knowledge of Nature, a continuous fire, and the right substance, you ought to succeed.

    I have set down in these twelve Treatises that which she has revealed to me in order that the God-fearing reader may more easily understand that which I have seen with my eyes, that which my hands have performed, without any fraud or sophistication. For without the light and knowledge of Nature it is impossible to attain to the perfection of this Art, unless it be revealed to a man by the Spirit, or secretly by a loving friend. The substance is vile and yet most precious. Take ten parts of our air; one part of living gold or living silver; put all this into your vessel; subject the air to coction untiit becomes first water and then something which is not water.

    If you do not know how to do this and how to cook air, you will go wrong, for herein is the true Matter of the Philosophers. You must take that which is, but is not seen until the operator pleases. This is the water of our dew, which is extracted from the saltpetre of the Sages, by which all things grow, exist, and are nourished, whose womb is the centre of the celestial and terrestrial sun and moon. To speak more openly, it is our Magnet, which I have already called our Chalybs, or steel. Air generates this magnet, the magnet engenders or manifests our air. Thus Hermes says that its father is the Sun, its mother the Moon, and that the winds have fostered it in their womb, that is to say, the salt Alkali (called by the Sages salt of Ammonia, or vegetable salt) is hidden in the womb of Magnesia
    Quote Originally Posted by Sendivogius Letters, 1646
    One chief thing in this Business is to be taken Notice of, namely that this Operation is to be done by agents as are Tartar, Quick Lime, Sal Amoniac and such the like biting Salts for what corrodes the volatile Parts of the repercussing or repelling Agents, do depress and keep down the fix resisting Parts, so that by the separating Waters, or the Test, the fix Parts being united do no more yeild, which before being dispersed in more loose Quantities were forced to yield to be carried along with other volatile Parts, so that there is a reality in this Business, but little Profit when you come to complete and compare the Expences with that little quantity of good fix Metal which you have extracted.
    Quote Originally Posted by An Open Entrance To The Closed Palace Of The King, by Philalethes, 1667
    Mercury needs inward and essential purging. which radical cleansing is brought about by the addition of true Sulphur, little by little, according to the number of the Eagles. Then it also needs an incidental purgation for the purpose of removing from its surface the impurities which have, by the essential purgation, been ejected from the centre. This process is not absolutely necessary, but it is useful, as it accelerates the work. Therefore, take your Mercury, which you have purified with a suitable number of Eagles, sublime it three times with common salt and iron filings, and wash it with vinegar and a moderate quantity of salts of ammonia, then dry and distil in a glass retort, over a gradually increasing fire, until the whole of the Mercury has ascended.
    Quote Originally Posted by A Work Of Saturn, by Hollandus, 1670
    My Child, if you would make it after this manner, you must take the half of your prepared Saturn which I ordered you to keep, upon which pour the half of your fixed and prepared Water of Paradise, take the half, put it into a Stone pot, pour weak Wine Vinegar upon it, mix it well together, then take two pounds of calcined Tartar, which is well clarified by solution and coagulation, so that it leaves no more Faeces behind it, Salt Armoniac one pound, which is likewise so clearly sublimed, that no Faeces remain after its sublimation, pound both together to a Powder, put them speedily into a pot, and stop it close immediately, or else it will run out; for so soon as the Tartar and Salt Armoniac come to the Vinegar, they lift themselves up, and would immediately run out of the mouth of the pot, wherefore stop the pot presently, set the pot in a Vessel of Water, they will cool speedily, otherwise if the cold and hot matter should come together suddenly, they would contest together, rise up, and become so hot, that the pot would break for heat, if it were not set in cold water; therefore take heed, when you put the powders in, that you stop it immediately, and set it in cold Water before you put the other Powder to it, then they will unite, let them stand a day and a night in that Vessel, then take them out, set them into a lukewarm Bath two days and nights, let it cool of itself, take the Stopple off from the pot, and set a head on, set the pot in sifted Ashes upon a Furnace, distill with a small fire, and continually greater till all the Vinegar be over, then augment your Fire notably, till you see quick Mercury drop out of the Pipe, when it ceases to drop, then augment the Fire by little and little and drive it so long as it drops; you may observe when it will leave dropping, if in the space of one or two Pater-nosters (Lord's prayer) one drop doth fall, then augment the Fire till the pot glows at the bottom, for twelve hours and when the Mercury is over, then should the Salt Armoniac sublime up into the head, and the Tartar remain with the Body of Saturn at the bottom of the Pot, which take out, put into a Linen bag, hang it in a moist cellar, the Tartar will dissolve, receive it in a Glass, the Body of Saturn remains in the Bag, take it out and calcine it in a reverberating Furnace three days and nights, with a great heat, as is taught elsewhere, then extract the Salt out as is taught in the Mineral Book. You may make projection with the Salt, and coagulate your Tartar again, it will be as good or better than it was, likewise take your Salt Armoniac out of the Head, it is good again, and if you have no Salt Armoniac, then take three pound of calcined Tartar, likewise so clarified that it leave no Faeces behind, you then need no Salt Armoniac, therewith may you likewise extract the Mercury out of Luna and Jupiter, wherewith you may do wonders, as is taught in the Mineral Book, where is spoken of the Quintessence of Metals.

    Now my Child must know, that this Mercury or Quintessence of Saturn is as good in all works as the Mercury of Sol, they are both alike good, and herein all the Philosophers agree. My Child, take this Mercury of Saturn, so drawn out of the Receiver, put it into a Glass Box.
    Quote Originally Posted by Tomb Of Semiramus, 1674
    Concerning the Calcination of Bodies out of the secret Work of the Doctor and Bishop of Trent for the Philosophers Stone: Metals to be dissolved ought to be first calcined or purged in Lac virginis, and Luna being most fine and subtly filed, must be dissolved in Aqua-fortis, and distilled rain-water in which Sal-Armoniack, or common Salt hath been dissolved; then it must be precipitated into a most white Calx, and washed in decanted water, and the Calx must be edulcorated in other rain-water hot, that all the saltines and acrimony may be taken away, then must it be dried, and it will be a most pure Calx
    Quote Originally Posted by Hydropyrographum Hermeticum, 1680
    They sublime Mercury with Corrosives, with all sorts of Salts and Vitriols, from which the sublimed Mercury attracteth the Salty Spirits, and then afterwards they dissolve the sublimate into water in Balneo, or in the Cellar, or divers other ways. Item, they reduce it into Water by Salt-Armoniack, by Herbs, Soap, Aquafort, by means of strange kinds of Vessels, and many the like Sophistical proceedings, all which are but gross fancies, foolish and frustraneous labours: Some also conceive to sever those things afterwards from the Water of Mercury, and that then it shall be the true Water, which the Philosophers do desire. The reason of their Errors is, that they consider not the words of the Philosophers, who plainly do say, that it ought not to be mixed with any heterogeneous thing in the whole World. And Bernhardus saith in his Epistle, that so soon as Mercury is dried up b the Salts, Aquafort, and other things, that thenceforward it is unfit for the Philosophick Work, for being dried up by the Salts, Alums, Aquaforts, it is not able to dissolve. But, my dear Son, observe what now I tell thee, and what information concerning this point the Philosophers left behind them in their Books; viz. that this Water is not to be prepared by any heterogeneous means whatever in the whole World, but only by Nature, with Nature, and out of Nature. These words are all plain to the understanding.

    Bernhard in his Practica saith: the Fountain is as a Mother unto the King, for she doth attract him, and causeth him to die, but the King by her means riseth again, and uniteth himself so firmly unto her, that no man can hurt him. And therefore the Philosophers say, although Gabricius be costlier, dearer and more esteemed by the World than Beja, yet he alone can bring no Fruit. This Virgin and blessed Water the Philosophers have named in their Books with many thousand names; they call it Heaven, Celestial Water, Celestial Rain, the dew of Heaven, May-dew, Water of Paradise, parting Water, Aqua Regis, a corrosive Aquafort, sharp Vinegar, Brandy, Quintessence of Wine, growthful green Juice, a growing Mercury, a viridescent Water, and Leo Viridis, Quick-Silver, Menstruum, Blood, Urine, Horse-piss, Milk, and Virgins Milk, white Arsenick, Silver, Lune, and juice of Lune, a Woman, Feminine Seed, a sulphureous vapouring Water and Smoke, a fiery burning Spirit, a deadly piercing Poison, and Basilisk that killeth all, a venomous Worm, a venomous Serpent, a Dragon, a Scorpion devouring his Children, a hellish Fire of Horse-dung, a sharp Salt, and Salt-Armoniack, a common Salt, sharp Soap, Lye, a viscous Oyl, Ostrich’s Stomach which doth devour and concoct all, an Eagle, Vulture, Bird of Hermes, a Vessel and Seal of Hermes, a melting and calcining Furnace, and innumerable other names.
    Quote Originally Posted by The Quintessence Of The Philosophers, by Mundanus, 1683
    Common Ardent Water and in distillation leaves nothing behind it and is incombustible.

    This clear and subtile oil is our Mercury prepared, and the natural sister of our Earth or Salt, which this oil or Mercury does most lovingly embrace; most readily dissolve and unites itself inseparably with her; The most intimate union~of this spirit with the Salt, does give unto it a certain Kind of Volatility, so that they can be sublimed together by which means they make that incomparable Sal Armoniacum, or white Sulphur of Nature, which is called our fair Diana.

    Take this earth after you have weighed it, and put it into a fit vessel for digestion or circulation, and add to it the 8th of the Animated Spirit, and then circulate till you see all the Spirit exhausted by the earth; then open the circulatory vessel, and put in an Almbick, and extract a little quantity of the moisture, which will proceed from it, and have the taste of common water. Then pour in a 7th part of the animated spirit, and again put on a blind head, and digest as before, till you perceive all the spirit exhausted, then do as before and pour in a 6th part, then do as before; then a 5th part; after that a 4th part; observing the same method till the earthy matter be made white by the Imbitations by the Animated Spirit; Then take this white matter or Earth and put it into a fit vessel, which must be coated as high as the Matter Ascends, and sublime that which rises from the foeces.

    This Sublimate is the White Sulphur of Nature, Our Sal Armoniack Our Fair and fat Diana.
    Quote Originally Posted by Praecipiolum, by van Helmont, 1683
    This Pręcipiolum is the matter whereof shall be made the Philosophers Mercury, that is, when it is reduced to his first matter, that is in a clear Water, like the Water which runs out of our Eyes now and then, and is slippery: This Water will eat and drink his own Flesh and Blood, and multiply itself with it ad infinitum, and this Water will bring all Gold and Silver into their first mater, before Pręcipiolum is brought into his first matter, it is when it is prepared Phisophically without Corrosiveness it will cure triplicem Hydropem, podagram, morbum veneum, and also many more sicknesses.

    The Philosophers call Argentum vivum their Wine, and the Pręcipiolum they call their Tartar, both makes the Philosophers Spiritum vini Philosophicum, which they call now and then, Astrum Mercurii, Spiritum Mercurii, their Fire their Sal Minerale & Sal Armoniacum, their Horse-dung, their Balneum Mariae, and an hundred more names to deceive the People.
    Quote Originally Posted by A Letter To The True Disciples Of Hermes, 1688
    Be assured therefore, that there shall be no goodly success in this our art, but that in the first working, you do purge the serpent born of the alluvium of the earth, bleach these fęces feculent & swart, that therefrom you separate the white sulphur, the sel armoniac of the wise, which is their chaste Diana who in the basin shall lave herself. All this mystery is but of the extraction of the fixed salt from our composite in which consists the energy entire of our Mercury. The water, which rises by distillation, carries up with it a portion of this fiery salt; such that the affusion of the water upon the body several times over reiterated, impregnates, fertilises, & fecundates our Mercury, & renders it proper to fixation.; the which is the term of the second working: Finer exposition of which truth can I not find, but in these words of Hermes: Cum viderem quod aqua sensim crassior, duriorque fieri inciperet, gaudebam; certo enim sciebam, ut invenirem quod quęrebam.
    Quote Originally Posted by Sanguis Naturae, by Grummet, 1696
    Out of which Earth is our Mercury Sublimed, glorious and fixed, is made our Elixir.

    Now let us return to the Water, by means of which this our Subtilization is made; which is a certain Water very subtle and precious, acid, fetid, corrosive and sharp, which the Ancients hid under the Name of Vinegar, as also of other acid and fiery Liquors, as of Aqua Fortis, Vitriol, Alum, Salt-petre, and Sal Armoniac; by which our Body is made Subtle, and reduced into the next mater of the Stone, which is a Viscous and muddy Water, fiery and full of tinctures, With which the Stone sublimed, Viscid and fixed into Earth is fed, that it may ascend to a Royal Dignity. Which Secret, namely of subtlizing our Body, the Ancient Philosophers would not reveal, but left it to God to reveal it to whom he pleased; nevertheless they left in writing among the Rubbish, some hints how that middle Substance which they named with many Names) and yet is the Key and Foundation of this Subtilization, of which Water it is said in Turba, Our Body must be environed with the Flames of our red fume and be broken by it, as being a fire against Nature; for by this Water, which is full of Fire, Our Body is washed till it be also made a Mineral or permanent Water.

    But that I may give you an Epitome of this Chapter, I say, That the whole World of our Subtilization consists in Vapour and Water, which is called Whitening and purifying water; which I divide into two parts, namely the water of the two Zaybeths, white and red, whereof one calcines the Body, and in calcinations coagulates itself with it; but the other purifies it from its blackness, whitens and rubifies, and at last makes it volatile. Which water is called Acetum Acerrimum, because it is very sharp and acid. This Humidity also contains in itself an unchangeable Tincture, which can by no means be extinguished. This Water is called Aqua Vitae, Vegetable, Animal, Spirit of Wine, Strong Vinegar, Saturnal Water, and many other names.

    But the Artist, who endeavors to set upon this work, must know that every Body is dissolved by a sharp Spirit, and made volatile with a Spirit; and if the Spirit be so prepared by the help of the Body, our Mercury is prepared, which purifies, washes, and fixes and incerates itself, till at last it attains to the highest Subtility and purity, and sublimes itself from the bottom of the Vessel into white Stone. This must be separated from its Feces, by sublimation and reduction; and then will be prepared the Foliated Earth more white than Snow, which after its due Decoction, coagulates and fixes vulgar Mercury, and transmutes every imperfect Body into true Luna. This most precious Whiteness is our Arsenic, an incomparable Treasure, which above all other things the Philosopher needs. This Sulphur must be calcined, till it be converted into a dry and very subtle powder; which Powder must be imbibed with the white Oil of the Philosophers divers times, till at length it flows like wax and then there will be prepared the White Stone.
    Quote Originally Posted by Golden Chain Of Homer, 1723
    It is on the same foundation of nitre and sal ammoniac dissolved in, and then evaporated to dryness, with this difference, that here in the progress of the sun fulminans, the ingredients or principles are subtilised, and in the former solution only crude. The aqua regia is composed of aqua fortis and sal ammoniac or Sea salt; aqua fortis is spirit of nitre, the oil of Tartar for the precipitation is a fixt alchali. Now when the sun is dissolved in the aqua regia containing a highly volatile nitre by means of sal ammoniac as being a volatile alcaline earth it is then precipitated with the oil of Tartar, which is a subtil fixt alcaline earth, the vinegar spirit in the aqua fortis are here partly saturated, precipitated and fixed by the salt of Tartar their enemy and contrary, and as this fixt salt is more porous than the earth of sun, it lets go the sun after having impregnated it first strongly with fixt vinegar nitreous and volatile alcaline spirits, as much as the atoms of sun will receive; for that reason it precipitates the sun to the bottom and detains it as an earth. Every dry earth is greedy to receive a salt, arid as these two salts of the aqua fortis and sal ammoniac are very subtil and volatile they are easily excited and inflamed by the least motion or smallest Heat: as soon as they feel that, Heat, they fulminate and break forth downwards, as gunpowder shows its greatest force upwards. Thus the volatile nitre and volatile alcali in the sal ammoniac as powerful Re-agents cause the fulmen and explosion and not the sun. The cause of the sun's explosion downwards is because it is a fixed earth which inclines downwards, whilst the charcoal in the gunpowder being a volatile sulphureous earth explodes upwards.
    Quote Originally Posted by A New Method Of Chemistry, by Boerhaave, 1753
    Sal-Ammoniac, or Sal-Arenarius, generated in the dry sandy parts of the sultry deserts of Libya; being probably the Sal-Cyrenaicum of the Ancients, found so plentifully about the temple of Ammon; which from the marks of its goodness given by Pliny, appears to have been perfectly like the modern kid. The like is also thrown out of burning mountains, in various parts of the earth: that of mount Vesuvius is reputed the best even to this day. This species therefore belong to the fossil tribe; though that now brought from Egypt be reputed of the animal kind. 'Tis probable it may derive its original every where form soot.

    But this same salt either by means of putrefaction, or of a vehement fire, maybe be rendered wholly alcaline: but when by a careful process, it is formed into glebes, which is only done by inspissation and leaving it to rest, it is found different from all the hitherto known kinds of salts; and approaches nearest to the nature of Sal-Ammoniac, from which, notwithstanding, it differences in several respects; since the latter, when exposed to a strong fire, sublimes in its whole substance, without being changed; whereas the former being extracted, the proper Lixivium of animal salts, presently becomes alcaline in it's whole substance.

    In fine, after a multitude of experiments which I have made to determine the true nature of animal salt, as it is found in the bodies of healthy animals, and there exerts its natural power; it appears to be mild, saponaceous, formed of a concrete oil, of an intermediate nature between those called volatile and fixed salts, having none of the characters either of an alcali, or an acid; easy to be resolved into a fetid, volatile oil, and alcaline salt, and accordingly much dispose do putrefy. Nor let anyone be led into an error by finding a fixed salt in the lye of burnt animal ashes; this being only the effect of the seal-salt which had been taken into the body, and had undergone all the actions and operations thereof, without changing its nature, or being assimilated with the animal substance. To the same origin we may attribute that little acidity obtained with much labor, and the utmost torture of the fire from human blood; which seems only to be an acid spirit of sea-salt mixed with earth, and violently agitated by the fire: and hence, anmials which make no use of sea-salt in their food, of necessity have no fixed salt in their blood.

    Quote Originally Posted by Six Keys Of Eudoxos
    So, in the Art, you can have no success if you do not in the first work purify the Serpent, born of the Slime of the earth; it you do not whiten these foul and black faeces, to separate from thence the white sulphur, which is the Sal Amoniac of the Wise, and their Chaste Diana, who washes herself in the bath; and all this mystery is but the extraction of the fixed salt of our compound, in which the whole energy of our Mercury consists.

    The water which ascends by distillation carries up with it a part of this fiery salt, so that the affusion of the water on the body, reiterated many times, impregnates, fattens, and fertilizes our Mercury, and makes it fit to be fixed, which is the end of the second Work.
    Quote Originally Posted by Epistle By Antonio Abbatia
    this work, as a philosopher says, is nothing but boiling our permanent water till you see that it stays fixed and stable and no longer rises. When you know how to work rightly, you will see our vegetable salt, our spiritualized gold, our silver, our lead, our tin, our copper, our iron, our arsenic, our Salarmeniacum (Sal Ammoniacus), our alum, our Kybrit, our milk, vinegar, the white honey, the fountain.
    Quote Originally Posted by Dwellings Of The Philosophers, by Fulcanelli, 1929
    Hermetic philosophy teaches us that bodies have no action on bodies and that only spirits are active and penetrating.

    It is essential first to understand what the Ancients meant by the generic and rather vague term of spirits.

    Furthermore, the X denotes sal ammoniac of the sages or salt of Ammon, in other words, salt of the Ram, which was formerly written, more accurately, harmoniac, because it realizes the harmony, the agreement of water with fire, because it is the mediator par excellence between heaven and earth, the spirit and the body, the volatile and the fixed. It is also the Sign, without any other qualification, the seal that reveals to man the intrinsic virtues of the prime philosophical substance through certain superficial lineaments. Finally, the X is the Greek hieroglyph for glass, purest of all matters, affirms the masters of the art, and the one nearest to perfection.

    Ammon-Ra, the great solar divinity of the Egyptians, was normally represented with a ram’s head, or, when he kept his human head, with spiral horns that originated above his ears. This god, to whom the ram was sacrificed, had a colossal temple in Thebes; one entered it by following an avenue lined with crouching rams. Remember that the ram is the image of the water of the sages, just as the solar disk, with or without the uraeus--another attribute of Ammon--is that of the secret fire. Ammon, saline mediator, completes the trinity of the principles of the Work, of which he realizes the concord, unity, and perfection it realizes in the Philosophers’ Stone.
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    Nice work man. You've been holding out on the photo's!!! That last one is a rippa!!
    Join me; on a voyage of stupidity, and self discovery:

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    Thank you Schmuldvich for the detailed answer. Very pretty pictures also, thanks for sharing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Seraphim View Post
    Thank you Schmuldvich for the detailed answer. Very pretty pictures also, thanks for sharing.
    You're welcome, Seraphim. I love digging through old quotes and reading what the texts say.

    Glad to hear that my response shed some light on the matter for you!

    Quote Originally Posted by elixirmixer View Post
    Nice work man. You've been holding out on the photo's!!! That last one is a rippa!!
    Hmm...I wonder how old these photos are are and where they are coming from

    Is z0 K the only one who has seen/touched/worked with this mystifying Sal Armoniac?

    Today I came across this quote from Basil Valentine that summarizes pretty much all of the quotes above and also gives a few other hints, Seraphim. Perhaps you find this interesting?

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    That is interesting, hydras and water serpents. I wonder what he means by Hydra?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Seraphim View Post
    That is interesting, hydras and water serpents. I wonder what he means by Hydra?

    Maybe the journey from base to final evolution of the product like how you'd relate the Ouroborus to alchemy.

    In the quote above, Basil Valentine's "Sal Ammoniac" he mentions near the end "water serpent"... Now think of Lambspring in the very beginning chapters where he mentions two fishes in the lake.

    I find it interesting how both authors who are known as alchemists mention animals in water, or of a watery nature, and there's distillation in our work (you need fluids to distill but what are you distilling? Well, in other words, it could look as though you are fishing)

    To go fishing you need to catch the fish! I think the Hydra Serpent is the One Matter in the works.

    If you heard about the story of Hercules, he cut off Hydra's head but he kept growing it back (regenerative property of the One Matter?). In the same quote Schmuldvich shared of Basil Valentine's Sal Ammoniac, at around half way he goes onto say "I gain my strength by subliming and cementing" (solve et coagula which is the process of the Ouroborus?)

    Philalethes - Brief Guide to the Celestial Ruby ... the same process, it is increased a hundred -fold, and then a thousand-fold

    Ad inifitum
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    Thanks Alchemist . I will look into the books.

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