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Thread: Mass Spectrometer

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    Mass Spectrometer

    Quote Originally Posted by Aham View Post
    Yep, good ole days. That was one of my fav ways plus taking notes was a whole lot cheaper than buying the book.

    BTW, somewhat off topic but just had an idea that if someone is interested in hiring cheap labor for alchemy work (EM goes back to one of your threads from a while back), it might be helpful to hang out in the Chemistry section of the library and find/hire students looking to earn a little bit extra doing lab work. Wonder if someone here has done that...
    Help wanted: Anyone got access to a mass spectrometer?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dragon's Tail View Post
    Help wanted: Anyone got access to a mass spectrometer?
    Unfortunately not. But there are other (old school) ways to detect quality and quantity of substances too. What are you looking for?

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