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Thread: Merchandising

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    Quote Originally Posted by Florius Frammel View Post
    Still the penny didn't drop?

    Maybe now?
    Ha! I see what you did now. Technically the Nitre and Salt are male and female polarities, from what I remember!
    Art is Nature in the flask; Nature is a vial thing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by elixirmixer View Post
    Your designing skills are terrible FF. I wont be buying any sluts powting or some naked dude on the shitter.
    What do you mean? I just placed a word somewhere on a picture. Any teenager could do this making memes. I'm sure it won't be found in an art gallery somewhere.

    And certainly, our definition of 'sexy' differs greatly. Some whore giving me the finger is not sexy. IMO.
    I can say nothing against that. But it makes me think if there is an equivalent of homophobea called heterophobea.

    How about just the simple Nitre Salt symbols?
    As Awani already said, there won't be official merchandising of alchemyforums. But feel free to post your ideas here. Maybe others want it or similar things on their T-Shirt too. Just the signs would be too obvious for me though (Though most of the people wouldn't get it or interest it anyway).

    I dot thik Alchemy is very 'sexy' and i think that you trying to make it sexy; makes it less sexy still.... no offence. The t-shirts is a great idea, and possibly a great way to raise a bit of money for the forum! However; leave the designing to the proffesionals. And dont quit your day job.
    Alchemy and alchemists aren't sexy I agree. But I guess that'll change the moment you produce actual gold in company of some girls, like maybe those on my T-Shirt ideas. Which would be another layer of humor/meaning. But as I said, you can as well make your own shirt with just the niter sign.

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