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There is indeed a "key to the twelve keys". It is an anonymous manuscript in French, written about 1700.

La Clef des Douze Clefs de Frere Basile Valentin / Der Schlüssel zu den Zwölf Schlüsseln von Bruder Basilius Valentinus.

M. P. Steiner published it the first time in 2006 in French and German.
I know this book too, and I found some "oddities". On one of the very first pages for example it mentions "oxygène" and here clearly the element is meant. However it was in 1779 when Lavoisier suggested this name for that element. So this book by far isn't as old as Steiner wants us to believe it is. Do I need to mention he's implying that B.V. himself might have written this book?

It isn't that clear as well. One would need the key for the key of the twelve keys..