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Thread: Petrifying well (U.K): The location that transmutates objects into stone

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    Petrifying well (U.K): The location that transmutates objects into stone

    Knaresborough, England:

    Any thoughts?

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    Quote Originally Posted by KnowledgeSeeker View Post
    Knaresborough, England:

    Any thoughts?
    Hi KnowledgeSeeker,

    It doesn't "transmutate objects into stone". Have you read the entire article?

    A petrifying well is a well which gives objects a stone-like appearance. If an object is placed into such a well and left there for a period of months or years, the object acquires a stony exterior. At one time this property was believed to be a result of magic or witchcraft, but it is an entirely natural phenomenon and due to a process of evaporation and deposition in waters with an unusually high mineral content.
    This process of petrifying is not to be confused with petrification wherein the constituent molecules of the original object are replaced (and not merely overlaid) with molecules of stone or mineral.
    Modern day scientists got around to analyzing water samples from the Petrifying Well and the water was found to contain a high mineral content that forms a coating around objects. With prolonged exposure, the coating would create a hard mineral shell, a lot like how stalactites and stalagmites form, but at a much faster pace.
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