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Thread: Golden Chain Of Homer - Third Part English

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    Quote Originally Posted by Schmuldvich View Post
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    Please avoid one word posts. Especially when you are only 10 posts in.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Florius Frammel View Post
    I read a very well researched paper (in german), where they concluded that the author of at least the first two parts was Josef Anton Kirchweger.

    Do they mention him in the intro too and if yes, what role does he play in those newer researches by the inner gardeners?
    Hi Florius Frammel!

    Yes, you may have read the celebrated book by Herman Kopp titled "Aurea Catena Homeri" published in 1880. It is a fabulous book in itself.

    When I began to search for the Introduction of the "The Golden Chain of Hmer - Third Book," I began to find evidence prior to the year of publication of "Aurea Catena Homeri" in 1723 that attested to the existence of the manuscript for some decades. This struck me as intriguing, for it would require Anton Joseph Kirchweger to have lived at least in the first half of the 17th century.

    Corroborating this thesis, Ludwig Favrat, in his translation of "Aurea Catena Homeri" into Latin in 1762, stated that the author indeed lived in the 17th century, revealing that the author could not be someone who would have died only 16 years ago, in the case of Kirchweger, who died in 1746.

    So I decided to find Kirchweger's birth record and his civil movements. Dates and events did not match the evidence. But there was Herman Kopp's book expressly stating that he had been the author of the book. So I decided to check the evidence that had brought him to that conclusion. To summarize, the two evidences he had to corroborate this had been corrupted by the Rosicrucian influence that wished at all costs that the author of these works be a Rosicrucian member, even if it meant falsely attributing (Schmidt's case) and forging a book in name of Kirchweger (case of "Microscopium Basilii Valentini").

    In any case, the evidence, the contradictions, the arguments to the contrary to this thesis are found in the book. I intend to extend this research in the future in order to shed more light on the true author of the works. In conclusion, there is no shadow of a doubt, according to my search, that Kirchweger is the wrong author of "Aurea Catena Homeri". On the other hand, the chances of the anonym author of "The Golden Chain of Hmer - Third Book" having been the author of the two previous works are much greater than those of any other.

    Research and future discoveries will confirm this in part or in whole.

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    Quote Originally Posted by alfr View Post
    aurea chain homeri same edition of published by ed sesheta

    Our dear friends of the sesheta editions
    they have published an one translation of this very importanre explanatory and very precious same version of the aurea chain homeri complete in the 3 parts and commented by the rc but unfortunately it is in French however this and the link where to find this very important book

    .................................................. .

    aurea catena homeri stessa versione della edizione è pubblicata dalle ed sesheta

    i Nostri cari amici delle ed sesheta
    hanno pubblicato una traduzione identica di questa molto importanre esplicativa e molto preziosa e uguale versione del della aurea catena homeri completa nella vesione uguale di tutte le 3 parti e commentata dai rc e pubblicata dalle ed sesheta in francese ,purtroppo, comunque qusto e il link dove trovare questo molto importante testo

    Hi Alfr and Chrysa Lead!

    Yes it's true. Nevertheless, with all respect to Sesheta Publication, the Introduction of this edition is still superficial, in the sense of crediting the authorship of the two previous works and this one to Anton Joseph Kirchweger.

    Please read "The Golden Chain of Homer - Third Book" in order to see the evidence, the contradictions, the arguments to the contrary to this thesis.

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    Thank you Schmuldvich for presenting some of the book's most remarkable features.

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    yes it was this work by Kopp I found quite convincing.

    I don't really understand the problem with Kirchweger living in the 17th century.

    Why do you think he must have lived in the first half? I don't see a necessity here.

    Have you been at the civil office in Gmünd in Austria? That's probably the only place in the world where there is a chance to find reliable data on him.

    Sorry if you explain all this in your book, I must admit, I haven't read it.

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    Hi Florius!

    Yes, the book is quite convincing. I read it too, and found it phenomenal. But as he said in the previous post, the evidence on which he based his theory was influenced by the Rosicrucian Society, which before he wrote this treatise in 1880, had already done all they could to make "Aurea Catena Homeri" as a Rosicrucian masterpiece. And to this end, they falsely attributed authorship and forged a book to corroborate this false attribution.

    This forged or corrupted evidence eventually fell into the hands of Kopp, who considered them legitimate, and thus founded his thesis that Anton Joseph Kirchweger was the legitimate author of the works.

    Concerning Kirchweger's need to have lived in the 17th century, the collected evidence shows that the work had appeared between 1640 and 1650. All the evidence for this conclusion is found in the "Introduction" of this book. Thus, Kirchweger would have to have been born in the first half of century 17 to be a probable author for these works. The problem is that Kirchweger was born in the second half of the 17th century, in 1672 to be more exact, and died before the middle of the 18th century in 1746. There is a time gap that makes it impossible for Kirchweger to be the author of the works.

    Because of the distance, I could not visit the Imperial archives of Austria personally, where much of Kirchweger's civilian life may be registered. It is for this reason that I intend to expand my studies to demonstrate the impossibility of Kirchweger being the real author of the works. However, there are many online documents that I have accessed and which are, although not covering every event of his life, sure enough to corroborate what I stated in the "Introduction" of the book.

    Many of these documents are reviewed in the book. Others are waiting longer for further research.

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